Top 5 Fictional Worlds

Even if this post looks like an early Fandom Friday Post – it’s not. It is inspired by this great post and we thought we’d steal the idea, cause we’re sneaky little hobbitses. So here we go, our five favorite fictional worlds that we would love to live in (cause there’s quite a few great fictional worlds out there that we would never ever even consider living in, cause we’d die. In, like, seconds):

1. Middle-Earth

© 2001 - New Line Productions, Inc.

© 2001 – New Line Productions, Inc.

This shouldn’t really be a suprise, since we went to Middle-Earth together and our nicknames are Sam and Frodo. Oh, and don’t forget that we went to the Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Premiere and HobbitCon 3 as well. Just to give you an idea how much we love everything Middle-Earth related. And if we could live there… well you would not see us again. EVER. Thanks, Tolkien.

2. Hogwarts

© 2004 Warner Bros. Ent. Harry Potter Publishing RightsJ.K.R.

© 2004 Warner Bros. Ent. Harry Potter Publishing RightsJ.K.R.

We didn’t get our Hogwarts letter on our 11th birthday, which we’re still upset about and even though we are now a little too old for Hogwarts. But who the hell cares?! We both own at least one wand even in this world, so I think that says enough. School is so awesome in Harry’s world, we’d totally start again even though the last 12-14 years were enough (that sounds like a prison sentence…). And yes, we know that J.K. Rowling said that we all went to Hogwarts together, but it’s just not the same, is it?

3. Shadowhunters

© 2013 - Sony Pictures

© 2013 – Sony Pictures

Be a kick-ass Shadowhunter? Yes, please, absolutely, when can we start? The books are so great and the world Cassadra Clare built is amazing. So yes – we want to wear black and train and kick some serious ass!

4. Narnia

Photo by CNC-mCNC-.235Cmp.0016 copy - © Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Walden Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Photo by CNC-mCNC-.235Cmp.0016 copy – © Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Walden Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Who didn’t open their closet thousands of times hoping to find the magical and wonderful world of Narnia in there? Because we did. Still check, from time to time, behind our coats and whatever else we have hanging in our closets. No Narnia yet, but we’re not going to give up hope so easily. You just have to love C.S. Lewis for his brilliant idea, and the fantastic world he created.

5. Inkheart

 © New Line Cinema

© New Line Cinema

The world that Cornelia Funke created in those novels is not that far from our own – not in the first one, that is – except for that one amazing thing that gives some of the characters the ability to literaly read themselves into a story. Can you imagine that? Just imagine it for a second. All you have to do is read your favorite book out loud, and with a little luck, you would look up from the pages and find yourself inside the story. So, technically, if we had Meggie’s and Mo’s ability, we wouldn’t have to make a post like this, because we could just go ahead and read some Harry Potter or J.R.R. Tolkien or The Mortal Instruments or the likes. It’s been many, many years since we’ve read the books, but we’re still not over the fact that we don’t have that kind of magic in us.

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