The new Spider-Man is here!

After months of rumors and waiting, we finally got the official news. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am happy to introduce you to our new Spider-Man:


Tom Holland!

My first reaction? I googled him. And ended up on his imdb page to get some information on him, because I’ve never seen the guy anywhere. My first thought is really positive – no, I haven’t seen any of his movies, but I saw an instagram with him and his “Spidey” moves and oh boy, I wish I could do that!

My second reaction? Holy crap is he really young. Yeah, we all knew that they would cast someone who is actually in High School or at least still in his teens, but it’s still different to finally see it. Now I feel old! Thank you! But I am very pleased with their choice and I can’t wait to see his first appearance in “Civil War”.

I loved the other two Spideys – Tobey and Andrew – and I hope that I am going to love this Spider-Man as well.

What do you think about Tom? Are you excited to see him in “Civil War”?

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