5 Fandom Guilty Pleasures

We are not going to lie to you, this week’s 5 Fandom Friday got us a little confused. We are not quite sure what exactly they mean by “Fandom Guilty Pleasures”, whether it’s supposed to be fandoms that we’re a part of but that we consider our guilty pleasures, or whether it’s fandom-related stuff we do; so we decided to just interpret it the way we wanted to. Without further ado:

1. The Vampire Diaries

After I grew out of my Twilight phase I needed something new with bloodsuckers, so this show came in handy. In the beginning it was like Twilight but then it got better and better. But over the course of season 5, the plot got worse and sometimes is just silly; I kept watching, though, if only because I love some of the characters. So watching this show is like a habit I can’t get rid of.

© Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

© Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

2. Teen Wolf

It’s a bit silly, I know, but I kinda love that show. I mean, I burst out laughing at the slow-motion everywhere, and it’s very cheesy at times, but I love the characters – their wit, their personalities – and the actors and their acting. It’s funny and heartbreaking, which surprised me when I first watched it. I re-watched it not so long ago, in preparation for the start of season 5 June 29th (that’s soon, yay!), which got me a lot more excited than I would like to admit.

© MTV. All rights reserved.

© MTV. All rights reserved.

3. Re-watching shows

And re-binging them.  Is that even a thing? Well, it is now. But It’s not just shows, it’s re-watching movies and re-reading books as well. There are some really great shows and movies out there, and some of them are so great that we watch them over and over again, and it’s the same with books. The mundanes think we’re crazy, because don’t we already know all that stuff? But that’s not what it’s about when we re-watch something – it’s about the feelings and emotions, and about noticing things you missed the first time around, and just appreciating something you enjoyed. I mean, if you ate chocolate cake and liked it, it’s not going to be the last time you ate chocolate cake, is it? Because why would it? You liked it, you want to get that feeling again. And for us, it’s the same with some shows.

4. Merchandise

Another thing the mundies don’t get. “What are you going to do with a wand that doesn’t work?” “What do you need a t-shirt with Captain America’s shield on it for?” Well, first of all, I’d go buy a wand that works, but I haven’t found one yet. And why is it socially acceptable for people who love sports to plaster their walls with pictures and own t-shirts and what-not of their favorite team, but I can’t have a Cap t-shirt without it being weird? That’s one reason why it falls under the category “guilty pleasures” to buy merchandise. The other reason is: we usually don’t actually have the money to buy the stuff we buy, but we do it anyway. Because who needs food when you can have a wand? Priorities, people. Really.

Dean, Charlie and Sam Funko!Pop

Dean, Charlie and Sam Funko!Pop


And last but not least, one thing that we tend to do, especially when we’re together, is quoting fandoms at each others. We usually either confuse or piss off the Muggles around us, because we don’t do normal conversations. In fact, I’m pretty sure we don’t do normal, period. It’s a constant source of fun for us; the quoting is fun, too, of course. And it helps test each other’s knowledge of the important things in life and see if the other one understood the reference we just casually inserted into the conversation.

10 thoughts on “5 Fandom Guilty Pleasures

  1. Yes! IT’S JUST LIKE CAKE. There is never a wrong time to eat another chocolate cake, and it’s always okay to rewatch “Doctor Who” (especially Ten’s seasons!).

    And amen to your point on geek vs. sports merchandising. How is it weirder to wear a Wookiee on your shirt than a stranger’s name and number? Also, my wand doesn’t work either; please let me know if you find the real Ollivander.

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