5 Things We Own That We Bought At Cons

This one’s easy, because we only ever bought five things at cons. These make us sound a lot richer than we were, but we saved for the cons, and one of them was over the Easter weekend, and we got a couple of bucks from our families as “Easter presents”.

1. Elven Leaf Brooch

We both bought the brooch at HobbitCon, so we are now both proud owners of a leaf from Lothlorien!

Elven Brooch

2. The Evenstar

Frodo already had one, and I’ve wanted that pendant since I was 10, and, lucky me, they sold them at HobbitCon – and for less than a third of what it usually costs.


3. A mug

…with the map of the Shire on it. Love that mug.

The Shire Mug

4. Éowyn

I got a tiny Éowyn figure at HobbitCon that is now sitting in my car. Or standing in this particual case.

eowyn figur

5. Official Asylum 14 picture

We only bought that because we had nothing else to have the cast sign, and most of the autographs were for free.


9 thoughts on “5 Things We Own That We Bought At Cons

  1. I got the Evenstar pendant years ago (I must have been 14 or 15) and I wear it on occasion, it’s just subtle enough that it doesn’t scream Fandom when you’re not familiar with it. I’ve worn it to prom and to weddings, amongst other things. It’s absolutely stunning 🙂

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