Once Upon A Time In The West

Well, technically it’d be the South, but who cares about the details? And no, this is not about the TV show, a fairytale or the movie.  This a post about Sam and Frodo. Because we have something to celebrate. We met excatly 1 1/2 years ago in Auckland in our dorm. The day that started it all! The travelling in NZ and elsewhere, the conventions, the premieres, this blog and so much more… we would sit here for the next couple of days if we were to name everything. Let’s just make it sounds like a story and say: that January 30th  was the day that started this wonderful friendship. There you go. Cheesy and all.

Granted, celebrating 1 1/2 is kinda weird, but we didn’t have the blog 6 months ago, so this’ll have to do. But worry not, you shall get another one of these in 6 months when it’s time for our 2-year-anniversary!

And, for the sake of our friendship and the simple fun of it, we changed our minds from 4 lines ago and decided to make a list of (some of the) things we did together. The highlights, if you will. We’d call it “adventures we had together”, but who are we kidding? They were not all that adventurous. We like planning ahead. But, of course, things rarely go as planned.

Let’s start with the beginning: New Zealand – that’s always going to be a big part of our story. It’s where we met, after all. Frodo had planned on travelling alone (sorry, Frodo), and Sam might have hoped for someone to travel with, but hadn’t actually planned on it either. But plans change. And so we spent the next 5 months 24/7 with each other without either one killing the other or wanting to leave. Now it’s like we’ve known each other forever, not just a year and a half.

First picture I took of Sam

First picture I took of Sam

First picture Sam took of me

First picture Sam took of me

First terrible selfie in a long line of terrible selfies we took

First terrible selfie in a long line of terrible selfies we took

We had to put Hobbiton in here

We had to put Hobbiton in here

Sam left New Zealand two weeks before I did, spent a week in Australia and then flew back home. I was in Australia for a month, and then went to Thailand for another 2 weeks before heading back home, where I only spent a couple of days before flying to New York City with my family. Sam then had the brilliant idea to pick me up in Paris on my way back from NYC (I had a stop there) so we could visit Paris, where we’d both never been before. And that’s how we ended up visiting Paris, and on the way back, Lyon (Sam has family there).




And then there's this beauty

And then there’s this beauty

The next time we saw each other was when I visited Sam for her birthday in October. And because she’s a weirdo, she was the proud owner of 2 wands at that point (it’s 4 now). And because I’m a weirdo too and we love being weirdos together, we went on a walk by the river with the wands in hand, making fun of the people looking at us like we were nuts (yes, we’re jerks, too). Here’s the only proof-picture we have; sorry for the terrible quality, it was night and the photo taken with the camera of Sam’s phone.


Can you guess who’s who? 😀

We told you we sucked at selfies

We told you we sucked at selfies (also who needs photoshop?! :D)

We also went to Prague together while I was there, because it’s not too far, and Sam’s never been to Prague.

Please forgive my squinting, I was kinda looking at the sun and that thing's kinda bright

Please forgive my squinting, I was kinda looking at the sun and that thing’s kinda bright


The sun! It buuurns ussss!

The sun! It buuurns ussss!

It was then that we decided we would attend the Europe Premiere of the last Hobbit movie, as Sam had missed the one of Desolation of Smaug and we wanted to go together. Plus, in case you haven’t noticed, we’re huge Middle-Earth fan, and wouldn’t miss it for the world. So, once they announced it – and by “it” I do not mean the Europe Premiere, but the World Premiere, lucky us – would be in London, we booked out flights, a hostel, and started saving some money, because London really is not a cheap place. The rest you know.

We call this one

We call this one “the couple photo”


Next: HobbitCon. I’m not going to get too much into that; there’s an entire post dedicated to it, after all. But here’s one of our beautiful selfies (we still suck at taking those).

The resolution really sucks, sorry

The resolution really sucks, sorry

Asylum 14 is on this list too, of course. And the most important thing of them all:

IMG_8924No, that’s not the one I meant. I meant this one:


Only a week later, we went to Vienna together.

IMG_8494… and that’s what it looked like.

We saw each other again at Purgatory Con in June.


Two hobbits & Osric Chau


Strangely enough, the same two hobbits, this time with Travis Aaron Wade

The last time we saw each other (yes, we’re trying not to cry, too) was in the beginning of July (that’s such a long time!), when Sam came for my birthday. But she’s coming again this weekend, because I’m going to Spain with her and her family for two weeks in August, and she’s coming to pick me up and watch Ant-Man with me – I haven’t had the time yet, and why not watch it together?

And here we are, looking forward to Sunday for the next reunion. Sucks that we can’t live in the same city. We’re still trying to figure out how and when we can finally find a place together, but for now, once a month has to be enough, it seems.

Here’s a picture of us looking a bit less like idiots. Thank you for your patience.

I said

I said “a little less like idiots”. We still look like idiots, of course. We’re hugging a stone, after all

4 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time In The West

  1. OMG!! This post is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing it and plenty with gorgeous pictures! You made me remember my travel to NZ and Australia (in total 3 months in Australia, 2 weeks in NZ). I made my LOTR tour on NZ alone since I was backpacking alone LOL But it would have been awesome to have a friend to share all the adventures! (This was such a good post!!!!) AAAAND!!! OMG!!! SAAAAM!! Love SPN too! (Though I must admit I am more on Dean’s team, I am also curious about Sam xDDDDD) Oh Girls! You rock!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh my god! I don’t even know what answer to your comment. Thank you so much! I am still smiling like an idiot – your comment made our day! Your are awesome 🙂


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