Deadpool Trailer

Yesterday the Deadpool Trailer Trailer (yes, ICYMI, there was a trailer for the trailer) hit the internet and it was awesome.

But today it got even better! The trailer (the real and long one) was realesed as well. A PG13-version and the red band version. And it’s awesome. Ehm sorry, I mean f*ing awesome! Ryan Reynolds is an awesome Deadpool, it seems.

Of course we’re posting both trailer – but ask your mum first before watching the red-band trailer 😉

I can’t even decide what the best part of the trailer was. The Green Lantern refrence or the joke with the red suit and the brown pants? To make things short, I enjoyed every second of it and I can’t wait for February 2016 to see it in cinemas. I am also very glad that it’s going to be a Rated R movie, so they can do the character of Deadpool justice.


So what do you think about the trailer? Are excited for the movie?



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