X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Rogue Cut – Thoughts

We were bored today, so we bought X-Men: Days of Future Past – The Rogue Cut on DVD to watch (it was on sale), because we went to see the movie in New Zealand and really enjoyed it.

So here’s just a couple of random thoughts about the Rogue Cut:

Spoiler alert? I’m not sure how much that qualifies in this case, cause there’s not major spoiler for the movie, but just to be safe I’m gonna warn you about possible spoilers, cause those might be scenes you haven’t seen yet and may want to be suprised by.

 © Twentieth Century Fox

© Twentieth Century Fox

First of, we’d like to say that it’s kind of cute that they called it “The Rogue Cut”. Like, they could have gone with “Extended Edition” or “Director’s Cut” or whatever, but went with “The Rogue Cut”. We loved the character of Rogue in the first couple of X-Men movies, so it was really cool to know that in the 10 minutes of footage that was not in the cinema-version, there was enough Rogue to have the extended version named after her.

Second, we get why they cut those scenes out. They made the movie longer without necessarily adding anything to the plot. It doesn’t answer any open questions you might have had when exiting the movie theater, and doesn’t really clear anything up.

But, and this is important, they were still cool scenes. They changed the plot a bit, because, by adding Rogue (or cutting her out?), they needed to alter a couple of things. For starters, they have to find her. She’s locked up in Charles’ old house, in Cerebro, because it’s the only place where Charles can’t find her. By “they”, we mean scientists who try to figure out a way of stopping the Sentinels with her power by experimenting on her. So Bobby and Magneto go to free her, which they do, but Bobby gets killed – he dies erlier in this version, but his death doesn’t change; they just moved it to later in the film in the final cut.

Now, the reason they go to find Rogue is because they need someone to take over from Kitty after Logan accidentally injured her, and Rogue is the only one who can. So, after finding her and bringing her back to where they’re hiding, she takes over from Kitty after bringing her the news of Bobby’s death.

The only problem is, they were attacked by  Sentinels on the way back, and though they managed to break away from them, one of their arms gets stuck on their jet, which is how the other Sentinels eventually find the hiding place.

That’s Rogue’s part that was cut out.

The only other longer scene that didn’t make the final cut was Raven coming home to Charles’ mansion, where she is welcomed back by Hank. They make out, turn blue, and talk before Hank goes to bed; Raven, on the other hand, goes down to Cerebro and smashes it, so that Charles can’t find her and stop her from killing Trask. That’s why they end up going to D.C. rather than just using Cerebro to stop her.

All in all, we’d say that the Rogue Cut, although adding some awesome scenes, doesn’t change much about the story. But it was still ten bucks well spent. We’d definitely give it an Acceptable.

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