5 Crossovers That Would Cause Our Hearts To Explode

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday is a good one – 5 crossovers that would totally cause our fangirl hearts to explode? Yes, please.

Here we go:

1. Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter

Gandalf as a teacher in Hogwarts, and everyone being a bit confused at first because isn’t Dumbledore supposed to be dead? And why is he smoking this weird stuff? And what the hell is it with the staff? Where’s his wand?

2. Daredevil & The Flash

They’re so completely different charachters, so that alone would be fun. But could Matt really stand a chance against Barry? I mean, in theory, of course, cause Barry may be fast, but he’s not particularly well-trained. But he’s fast. Like, could Daredevil really fight the Flash?

3. Supernatural & The Mortal Instruments

They have the same premise – kinda. Only on one hand, there’s grown men fighting evil and on the other hand it’s teenagers, which goes against everything Sam and Dean believe in. Also, just imagine Dean working with Jace. He’d want to strangle him after 2 minutes, but also protect him. And the Winchesters would either be weirded out by the demons in the Shadowhunter world, or the Shadowhunters would freak out about killing demons because they look like people. And Clary would probably have a thing or two to say about killing werewolves, and Simon wouldn’t be too happy about the way they handle vampires.

4. Sherlock & Doctor Who

Simply because Sherlock and the Doctor are these two amazingly well-written, incredibly smart people, and watching them interact would be so much fun! Sherlock would have to rethink his view on the world, since he doesn’t exactly believe in aliens, and the Doctor would be fascinated by this human who believes he’s always the smartest man in the room. Just imagine the dialogues! No action needed, just those two talking, and Watson and the Doctor’s companion(s) standing there, watching them. And then Watson gives into his curiosity and asks the companion(s) all kinds of questions, and they start to realize that they’re not so different after all.

5. Agent Carter & Supernatural

Depending on whether she’d come back at some point or not, she’d either totally fit into the kick-ass women on Supernatural, or be the complete opposite of the one-episode characters that need Sam & Dean to protect them. She’d have more than one witty answer to Dean’s attempt at flirting and/or protecting her, and she’s definitely not the kind of character to hang back in the car while the men do all the “dangerous” work. She’d have some kind words for the boys too, of course, which is sweet and awesome. And we just love both these shows so much.

8 thoughts on “5 Crossovers That Would Cause Our Hearts To Explode

  1. Agent Carter & Supernatural – yess!! The show so badly needs a kick ass female in the mix, she’d be perfect. Daredevil and The Flash would be really interesting to see too. Maybe Matt could train Barry up on his fighting and trying to track Barry would heighten Matt’s already enhanced senses making sparring interesting. 🙂


  2. ok, but here me out….what about Supernatural & criminal minds? It would be SO COOL to have 2 episodes, one from Supernatual’s persepective where they hunt actual demons and do their usual thing and get unjustly chased by the FBI…..then we have another episode were the exact same thing happens but from a Criminal Minds persepective and were it is uncertain whether Dean and Sam killed actual demons or whether they’re just delusional psychopaths. Would be so much fun to leave it up to the viewer to decide on a truth =D

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    • Oh. My. God. I love this! Just thinking about Reid trying to even consider the possibility of actual demons, which really don’t correspond to his super-rational view on everything would be so cool! And Morgan trying hard to profile these guys who must have killed so many people that weren’t really people that they don’t even really care anymore – so they must be psychopaths, even though they’re doing the right thing.
      That would be one cool-ass crossover! Especially that one episode in season 10, I think it’s Scream but I’m not sure, the one with the black thing. I thought that’d make for a good case for the boys. Or The Itch. That one was so disgusting, but it was total Winchester material, cause it could have been a ghost, or a curse, or a possession.
      I just love your idea! 😀

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