Merchandise Monday #4

It’s Merchandise Monday again!

Fandom of the week: Harry Potter. Promise we’ll mix it up a little, but we’re both on vacation and travelling, and silly old me is travelling with a lot of Harry Potter fandom for whatever reason.

Here we go!


Sirius Black’s wand






I have an ever-growing collection of wands, this one being the last addition. I bought it at Elbenwald, the best shop you could find in Germany. There’s a website, too, of course.

I don’t exactly know why I chose Sirius’ wand. There’s a couple of characters whose wands I’d rather have, but this one is just really beautiful! And Sirius is a great character.

They’re rather expensive, sadly enough, so looking at the wand(s) makes me feel either super happy – because Harry Potter – or kinda guilty. But that’s what guilty pleasures are all about, aren’t they?

Sadly, no matter how hard I tried, it’s not working. None of them are… 😦 still love them all, though, of course. Even if they’re just sitting on my shelves looking beautiful.

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