Arwen’s Dress

Look at this beautiful photo. Just look at it!


You might now find yourself wondering what the hell it is that you’re looking at.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Hobbits, Wizards, Elves, Dwarves, Shadowhunters, Meta-Humans and every other creature roaming the Earth, we proudly present:

Our latest brilliant addition to the department of How-To-Kill-A-Vacation, or The Making Of Arwen’s Dress. Since Sam and her mom made this beautiful dress, it didn’t take long until we/me/Sam/Illúvatar decided we needed to make another dress. This time we chose one of Arwen’s.

Also: without the help of Sam’s mom this dress would still be in the making! Thank you so much for your help!


Let’s get the party started with a lot of cutting…


…and cutting


and cutting – oh wait no! – this time it’s sewing.


And some more…


Some chaos for you 😀


Sam is looking pissed and afraid. I am sitting next to her for mental help. (I may or may not have had some problems with the machine. -Sam)


The underdress is done. Yay!


Let’s go back to cutting…




I was trying to look queenly and I failed 😀


May I present you the endproduct?! Isn’t it beautiful?!!


Just ignore my facial expression… I am still working on looking happy on photos 😀





The dress is blue and red velvet and the inside of the sleeves has tiny red roses on it. The upper sleeves and collar are white lace over the red underdress, lined with golden ribbon.

Here’s the original for reference:

The colors are a bit different, obviously, but it’s so beautiful and I can’t wait to wear it to the next convention. With Sam wearing her Éowyn dress, of course.

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