5 Nerdiest Things We’ve Ever Done

Technically, this week’s 5 Fandom Friday is “5 Broadway Roles We’d Love To Play”, but, to our great shame, we do not actually know that many Broadway roles. So, because we’re too lazy to do research on the topic, we decided to look through older 5 Fandom Friday posts and choose one that we might be able to answer without too much work.

Which is why we chose 5 Nerdiest Things We’ve Ever Done. After all, we like calling ourselves nerds. Or geeks. Or whatever. And we do lots of nerdy/geeks/whatever stuff. Making a list of the nerdiest things we’ve done is kinda fun. Although it’s almost shocking to realize how far we’ve crossed over into the Land of Geeks, leaving “normal” a lot farther behind than we’d thought. Well, sh*t happens, I guess. And this is good sh*t, so we’re not actually complaining.

Anyway, without further babbling: the list.

1. Flying half-way across the world

Yepp, flying to New Zealand,err, Middle-Earth was most definitely the nerdiest thing we’ve ever done. The nerdiest thing anyone we’ve ever known has ever done. And we didn’t even do it together, we met there. Two crazed girls who loved Lord of the Rings so much they got a a plane (well, 3 planes, technically) for over 30 hours to spend 5 months in the land of Dwarves, Hobbits, Elves, Peter Jackson and many other fantastic creatures. I’d say that definitely qualifies as nerdy, wouldn’t you? After all, we knew long before ever setting a foot on New Zealand soil that the sets for Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit had been torn down – and yet we did not care.


2. Attending the World Premiere of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Another strange decision we took that set us further apart from the Muggles and sent us tumbling farther into the Land of the Geeks, that mythical kingdom the Mundies whisper about when talking about the pationate people they cannot understand. We had decided we needed to attend the Europe Premiere of the last Hobbit, no matter where in Europe it would be, but then they’d announced the World Premiere to be in London, so… I’m not getting into too much detail; after all, we have an entire post dedicated to this subject.


3. Conventions

We have attended three conventions this year, the first one being HobbitCon, then Asylum 14, closely followed by Purgatory Con. And we have no intention to leave it at that. Conventions are definitely placed in that undefined box of Nerdy Things, although I have yet to figure out what exactly sets us apart from the Cool Kids attending music festivals from which they return with sore throats and a hearing loss… But that is a rant for another time.


4. Cosplays

As said above, we have every intention of attending other conventions, especially since we can now dress for the occasion. After all, we did not spend all that money and time on sewing the costumes to have them collect dust in some forgotten corner of our closets. No, Sir. We will wear these dresses to every (appropriate) convention (we do not particularly feel like going to a Supernatural convention dressed as Éowyn and Arwen) until they fall apart or we grow out of them (sideways).


5. That Photoshoot Thingy

It might not be much, but the wand-photoshooting thing we did was not exactly something that had people begging us to accept their apologizies and return to the Land of the Normals as heroes. The people who walked by us in those woods raised a lot of eyebrows at those two weird girls running around in the same outfit, yelling weird things while swinging decorated sticks around; that’s what made it so much fun.


9 thoughts on “5 Nerdiest Things We’ve Ever Done

  1. I’d very much like to read about your rant concerning society and how it distinguishes between the “cool kids on festivals” and fans who attend conventions. No one bets an eye if someone spends 200 euros on a festival ticket, but people are always shocked when I tell them that I’ve spent 99 euros on my three-day RingCon ticket. Yes, it is a lot of money but obviously it also has something to do with what is acceptable to spend your money (and free time) on, and what is not. Great article, by the way. I always love reading about you girls! See you soon (hopefully)!

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    • That’s exactly my point. If my brother wants to spent hundreds of euros on a soccer game, that’s cool – even though soccer games usually don’t go down quietly, and are somewhat associated with violence (not all of them, of course, but no one frowns if it happens). But if I say I want to spend a weekend on a LOTR-convention, I’m the weird one. Which frustrates me to no end, because the people at those conventions – not just LOTR but SPN as well – are passionate, yes, but never violent. You never hear of someone getting beat up at Comic Con (at least I don’t think so?), but people getting hurt at music festivals or soccer games are just part of what you”re signing up for when you go there. And it’s kinda unfair to frown at fans who dress up as elves and dwarves and wizards and whatever to go to a peaceful gathering of fans where the atmosphere is just amazing, but never think look twice when they see someone with their face painted the colors of their sports-team, walking around screaming at the top of their lungs. And I’m not saying that they’re more violent that we are, because most of them aren’t, but it still pisses me off that my friends and family find that normal, but call me weird and a bit crazy because Frodo and I want to go to RingCon as Arwen and Éowyn.
      So there you go, you got me to rant 😀 I hope we’ll see you at RingCon!


      • Yes, this is SO true. A ticket for Rock am Ring costs 184,50 (and this does NOT include shipping), and many people I know happily spend that amount of money every year. Which is fine. I love concerts, and I also love going on football games, but I also spend some of my money on conventions…so what? Many convention-critics argue that you get nothing “worthwhile” for your money, or that you should rather spend your money on “valuable” things. Well, you know what? If I always spent my money on things that would benefit me, then I couldn’t do any freetime activities just for the sake of entertainment. And a world without fun sounds very vacant to me…oh, and before I forget: you DO get something worthwhile- great memories.
        I will be at ringcon, so we should definitely meet up! 🙂 two of my friends are also coming, I think you would get along great 😉 ….are you by any chance going to Frankfurter Buchmesse as well?

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      • But the thing about telling people that they don’t get anything “worthwhile” for their money on a convention is stupid, because who the hell decided what’s worthwhile and what isn’t? Like, a soccer game – I’m sorry I always use that example, but it’s the most common thing to compare with conventions – is 90 minutes of people running after a ball. A convention is a weekend of meeting (or at least getting to see) people that you admire, you get to interact with them, take your pictures, get something signed etc. So, in the end, how is it that the soccer game is more worthwhile than the convention? Same thing goes for concerts. Sure, you get to see your favorite band play their music live and walk away with a tinnitus, but it’s the same money for the concert than for the convention (maybe a little less, depending on the concert or festival), and it’s only a couple of hours. And I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with soccer games and concerts and festivals, quite the contrary, I enjoy those as much as the next person and I think it’s amazing that you can go do those things. The atmosphere is usually amazing, too. But it bugs me that someone said that it’s totally fine to do those things, but not to go to a convention. And we live in a society – and it’s changing; slowly, but it’s changing – where people spend a great amount of time to make sure everyone knows that what they spend their money on is socially acceptable, and what I spend my money on isn’t. In the end, who cares what I spend my money on? It’s nobody’s business, really, and I don’t go rubbing it in people’s faces or anything.
        I don’t think I’m going to the Buchmesse, I don’t really have the time, although I always wanted to go 😦 but it’s super far away from here. Maybe Frodo’s going, it’s a lot closer to her.


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