Merchandise Monday & Something About The World Premiere of Something, I Think

We have two things to share with you this Monday. Second thing is, of course, going to be another item of our seemingly endless collection of merchandise (no, seriously, even we are shocked at the amount of fan-stuff we own). The first thing, though, is the announcement of where and when the World Premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 is to take place: in Berlin, on Thursday, November 4th  2015. Which is brilliant. We are so going.

Now, the reason we actually made this post: Merchandise Monday. I’m sorry about the late post, but we were both super busy, which is rare enough, but I’m still sorry. So is Sam, of course. But better late than never, so let’s take a look at this week’s choice: our awesome mobile phone cases.


We both own one, since we bought it together.

It was a lucky day when we found a store in the internet who sold Lord of the Rings phone cases and decided to spend our money on a beautiful one, although deciding was not easy. Here’s the link to phone-case Heaven.


I absolutly love it! I could spend my day just looking at the phone case. It simply shows the white tree of Gondor on a black background. That’s it. But it’s perfect.


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