5 Favorite Things About Autumn

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday is our top 5 of favorite things about Autumn. It shouldn’t be too hard, since Autumn is our favorite season.

1. It’s season premiere season!

Most of the good shows premiere in autumn. Supernatural (Oct. 7th), The Flash (Oct. 6th), Arrow (Oct. 7th) – and that’s just naming The CW. So October is definitely something to always look forward to.

 © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

© 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

2. The colors

We love the colors of the leaves in autumn. Everything turns kind of golden, doesn’t it, when the leaves turn red and yellow and orange, especially in the sunset. And where we live, there’s fog hanging over the streets and meadows in the morning, so even when you have to leave the house before the sun is fully up, there’s something mystical and magical to look forward to.


3. The weather

Although it usually turns bad in November, the weather is usually rather good in October. It’s warm,  but not as hot as in the summer, so you’re not melting away in the sun like a piece of chocolate in a child’s hand, but you’re not freezing to death despite wearing 85 pullovers. And then there’s what we like to call “movie weather” or “book weather”. You know, when it’s raining outside and you just snuggle somewhere comfortable with a good book or movie (or just go to the movies) – who doesn’t love that?


4. Pumpkin soup

Just pumpkin soup. Frodo adores that stuff. It’s adorable. And my mom makes a mean pumpkin soup too, so I’m right there with Frodo.

5. Movies

There’s usually some good movies coming out in the Fall – this year, the one we’re looking forward to most is Mockingjay Part 2, of course; Premiere included.

 © 2015 - Lionsgate

© 2015 – Lionsgate


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