10 Magical Items From The Wizarding World We Wish Were Real

Since we’re still waiting for October to start so we may again have things to post about – like, episodes of TV shows that we’re waiting for impatiently – we’re always desperatly looking for stuff to write about. Because we like writing about stuff. And we’re a bit bored because university hasn’t started yet.

So we found this article on theodysseyonline.com, and we thought we’d steal the idea, because, as stated somewhere before, we’re sneaky little Hobbitses. And we like making lists, in case you hadn’t noticed; or maybe it’s just that they’re easy to do and we’re bored…? Good question. I don’t know.

Anyway, here’s 10 magical items we wish were real.



1. A Pensieve



We’d love to be able to have a couple of trips down Memory Lane. Just imagine it – whenever you’re feeling down, you just hop into your Pensieve and relive some of the best memories you have; how great does that soud? I think it sounds great. Or you could revisit memories of loved ones you’ve lost, so you’d never forget the sound of their voice, the way they tilted their head when they were thinking of something, their laugh, the way they’d smile when you made a bad joke… Maybe it would lessen the pain of grief, at least a little bit, at least for a while.

2. Moving pictures



We don’t mean Gifs, although we’re already halfway there with those! But you can’t print those, which is sad. We want pictures that we can put on the walls and that move and talk. How awesome would that be? Even pictures of landscapes would be incredible if they moved. An ocean with waves crashing against the shore, a forest with the leaves whispering in the wind… You could have an ocean in your room. And if that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is.

3. Undetectable Extension Spell

I mean, every spell is useful, but an Undetectable Extension Spell is just awesome. If we can’t have Magic, then at least give us an Undetectable Extension Spell. Well, something that the spell has been used on. Although, we don’t know what we’d have the spell used on. A car that’s bigger on the inside could be cool, but we don’t need a big car. Our handbags are big enough, and we’re not on the run from any Death Eaters, so we don’t need to have half our lives in there. So maybe it’d be a tent. Having a tent that’s really small so you can transport it easily enough, but huge on the inside so you can comfortably stay in it sounds kinda cool. Especially since we like to travel so much – and travelling would get a lot cheaper all of a sudden if we had a tent that we could put anywhere with a kitchen and a bathroom in it. So yeah, a tent like Perkins’/the one the Golden Trio uses in Deathly Hallows would be totally awesome.



4. Miniature Dragons

Tiny Dragon

You know, the tiny dragons the Champions get in Goblet of Fire? Yeah, well, we want one. Or 37. After all, they’re actual living dragons! And they’re tiny, so they can’t kill you. We’d love to have a pet mini-dragon. Just imagine leaving the house with your pet mini-dragon sitting on your shoulder, mini-breathing mini-fire to warm your ears in Winter. Or it flying around someone’s head to annoy them. Or it curling up into a tiny dragon-ball and snoozing off on your pillow. We want adorable little mini-dragons!

5. A Broomstick

Flying? Yes, please. Feeling the wind on your face, pulling at your hair… And who didn’t pretend to be flying aroud on a broomstick when they were kids and playing witch/wizard/Harry Potter? It would be a childhood dream come true. Plus, humans always did have a fascination for flying, didn’t we? I guess that’s what you get for being a creature bound to the ground by nature.

Daniel Radcliffe on broomstick

6. The Invisibility Cloak

Who wouldn’t want that? You could go anywhere and no one would ever notice.

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

7. A Time Turner

Who wouldn’t want to be able to change the past? I don’t mean big things, because I wouldn’t want to change major things about anyone’s life. After all, the past is what makes the present, is it not? But sometimes, there’s small things that I’d like to change. Like finding stuff that I lost (or my sister lost, because she’s usually the one to lose things; it’s a very charming talent that she has), or reliving something amazing. Or just simply having more time to do your homework. You could even save someone’s life like Harry and Hermione, although I’m rather glad I don’t have a life where I’d need to save someone. But there’s so many things you could do with a Time Turner! Just be careful you don’t run into yourself, I guess. Bad things happen if you do – or so I’ve heard.



8. The Marauder’s Map

Although, granted, we wouldn’t have all that much use for it, it’s still an awesome magical item.



9. Chocolate Frogs

We do realize that you can buy Chocolate Frogs (we bought some in King’s Cross), but it’s not really the same. We want the real ones!

Chocolate Frog

10. Remembrall

It may not tell you what it is that you have forgotten, but it might still come in handy. I mean, I’m pretty sure everybody knows that feeling that they’ve forgotten something, right? And wouldn’t it be nice if there was this little ball telling us whether or not we actually did forget something? It might make the nagging feeling go away. It also might come in handy for all our travels – a little ball, telling us whether or not we forgot something. That way, there’s no more stressing out while packing; we just take the thing, and if we’re good, then thank the gods! If we’re not… well, then let the stressing continue, I guess. Until we’re done and the fog’s not red anymore.



2 thoughts on “10 Magical Items From The Wizarding World We Wish Were Real

  1. Yes please! I was just thinking this morning how much that Undetectable Extension Spell would come in handy! And how about Rita Skeeter’s pen that takes notes (in your own voice, no less!) while someone is talking? ๐Ÿ˜€

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