5 Comfort Films

Here we are again, not doing the actual 5 Fandom Friday, which is “5 Pumpkin Items We Cannot Wait To Purchase“, because there are not many Pumpkin Items around here to purchase. And although we both love pumpkin soup, that’s about all we have to talk about when it comes to pumpkins. And that was a lot of pumpkins for just one paragraph.

Anyway, we dug into the archives, and found that “Comfort Films” is interesting enough to do, so here we are.

1. Lord of the Rings

We love all the movies equally, which is why we’re making them count as one. They’re one Epos, after all. And simple perfection when it comes to movies. So yeah, whenever one of us is in need of comfort, a Lord of the Rings marathon is what we’ll do to help with that. Not that we’d ever need a reason to watch those movies. (Oh, and it’s just the Extended Editions, of course. Once you’ve gone Extended, you can never go back.)

2. Harry Potter

Again, technically not one movie, but they’re one story, so we’re making them count as one as well. And although we don’t love all of the movies equally in this case, we do still enjoy them very much. A Harry Potter marathon is one of those things that you could just do everyday, because it’s like going home to find your friends waiting for you. Definitely comfort material.

© 2011 – Warner Bros.

3. The Avengers

Say what you want about Joss Whedon, he makes good movies. And The Avengers is one of the best movies he’s ever done. It’s certainly one of the best movies of the MCU, and the main reason why we got into the Marvel fandom in the first place (like many others, I suppose), because, let’s be honest, the pre-Avengers movies weren’t all that great, Iron Man excluded. Anyway, the Avengers is most definitely one of our comfort movies, and we’ve seen it countless times.

© 2012 Marvel LLC. All Rights Reserved.

4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Pre-Avengers, Captain America was just one of those boyscout characters, a bit too perfect for my taste, and with not much depth to him. But after Winter Soldier? How was it that they phrased it in the Honest Trailer? “He’s cool now”. Pretty much sums it up. Not only do we get to know Cap better, we also get to see him kick some serious ass – which is awesome. And, for some probably f*cked up reason, always cheers us up. But let’s just pretend that it’s the humor in the movie that cheers us up, not the ass-kicking. We’re not violent Hobbits (I think?).

© 2014 Marvel LLC. All Rights Reserved.

5. The Hunger Games

Talk about f*cked up. But maybe it’s the fact that Katniss’ world is so messed  up that is comforting, you know – like, they have it worse, so maybe whatever has us in need of comfort isn’t actually that bad. Plus, they’re really, really good movies; especially Catching Fire and Mockingjay, Part 1 (we’ll see about Part 2 [not]soon enough), and isn’t that comforting in itself? It does give us hope that there are actually people out there capable of adapting a book to the big screen and doing an amazing job at it – without altering too much of the story. That surly is comforting.

© 2013 Lionsgate

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