Merchandise Monday

This week’s Merchandise Monday is Middle-Earth centred (again. Sorry).

IMG_9122It’s an Andúril letter opener!

I always wanted to have Andúril, but it’s way too expensive – and, I have to admit, I wouldn’t even know where to put it. But still, I always wanted to have that sword, ever since I first saw the movies. I got to hold and wield it in New Zealand, but of course, that wasn’t (and still isn’t) enough.

But then I saw this letter opener at Elbenwald, and I thought to myself, if I can’t have the actual sword, why not buy a tiny one? Huge perk: it’s so small I can put it on a shelf. That would be a lot more difficult with the real-sized sword.


I don’t really use it, mostly because I don’t have that many letters to open. But I don’t regret buying it, because it’s a small comfort (see what I did there? 😀 ) until the day I’m actually rich (and crazy) enough to buy Andúril.


(Sorry for the blurry photo…)

5 thoughts on “Merchandise Monday

  1. Cool! Ironic you posted this, because I was just cleaning out my attic this weekend and found boxes of LoTR toys I bought for my oldest son back in the day, but he was never interested in them. Guess they will be going on ebay. 😦


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