5 Favorite Halloween Episodes of TV Shows

We must admit, we do not know too many Halloween episodes of TV shows, and even less of shows that we both watch. We could count those on one hand. On one finger, to be exact.

So we decided to subtly change this week’s 5 Fandom Friday into our 5 Favorite Halloween-appropriate Supernatural Episodes, because, yes, Supernatural is the only TV show we could think of that we both watch and that has a Halloween episode. And because, Sam Winchester said it:

And by us I mean the Supernatural fandom, of course. Okay, here we go.

1. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Well, it is the only actual Halloween episode in the entire 10+ seasons of Supernatural, so, naturally, it’s number 1 on this list. And, although we don’t really celebrate Halloween, this episode is part of the Halloween-routine for us. Plus, everything about Halloween-lore we know, we know from this episode. That’s very important knowledge!

It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

© 2008 CW

2. Bloody Mary

If that’s not Halloween-appropriate, I don’t know what is. After all, it’s Bloody Mary, and isn’t that something people do to spook other people? At least they do on TV. And this was a reasonably creepy episode. I must admit, the first time that I watched it, that vengeful spirit really freaked me out. Oh, and isn’t there a theory out there that says that the only reason the Winchesters have had so much bad luck over the last 10 years were all those mirrors they broke in this episode? But back to Halloween. Other people may watch Horror movies, and this is one of those episodes where you remember that Supernatural used to be really creepy, and rather close to the Horror genre.

© 2005 CW

© 2005 CW

3. Bugs

Simply because it’s awful. It’s bugs! And they’re everywhere! It’s really disgusting. And I’ve heard that’s part of Halloween.


© 2005 CW

4. Monster Movie

This one’s hilarious, and references so many classic/old “Horror” movies that it had to be part of this list. Why watch Dracula or The Mummy or whatever when you can just watch “Monster Movie” and have them all in one episode plus some absurdly ridiculous Oktoberfest theme thingy going on. And it’s all black-and-white, which makes it so much better.

Monster Movie

© 2008 CW

5. About A Boy

Mainly because of the witch with the ridiculous fake German accent and the whole Hansel & Gretel thing. The woman is actually cooking and eating children, that ought to qualify for Halloween. And even if it doesn’t, we just really enjoy that episode. Dean as a teenager is hilarious.

© 2015 CW

© 2015 CW

5 thoughts on “5 Favorite Halloween Episodes of TV Shows

  1. That witch actually really creeped me out when I watched it. And yes, teen-age Dean was funny!!! Lol. That Bloody Mary episode was freaky. It was very reminiscent of Asian horror, which I loved. I love “Supernatural” and I do wish they create more horror episodes like in the earlier seasons.

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