Merchandise Monday

This week’s Merchandise Monday is a little bit different from the last one(s), because it’s not Middle-Earth. I’m as surprised as you are! So let’s take closer look:


See? Not Middle-Earth.

It’s more than one piece – it’s actually a set. A Supernatural themed jewelry set. I got it from my subscribtion to Fandom of the Month!


It is the box for October and my favorite of the three I own now.

It contains an awesome necklace:


A gigantic angelwing ring:


And a pair of earings with the car registration of Baby:


It’s not the most crafted, detailed jewlery, but I didn’t expect that from Fandom of the Month. It’s cheap stuff – but that doesn’t make it any less awesome! The ring might be a bit too big for my taste, but who knows, maybe I’ll still wear it 😀

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