Merchandise Monday

This week’s Merchandise Monday is Supernatural (again – sorry). And we’ve technically already shown the items…

Anyway, here’s still a short post about them.


We brought these Sam and Dean Funkos with us to Vienna because we didn’t feel like taking too many typical tourist pictures – so we took pictures of them in front of things. Yes, that is how weird we are.


I got Sam first, because… Well, I’m not going to say that I am (or we are, because we do share the same opinion on this) “Sam Girls” because I don’t like the term, but technically, I guess we are (sorry, Dean).


But I bought Dean shortly after – after all, Sam is not Sam without Dean and vice versa. Plus, I found this really cool website where you can buy a lot of Funkos for not a lot of money, which is awesome. And the main reason behind my ever-growing collection.


Now they both guard my Supernatural-DVD collection with their tiny cute little knives.

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