5 Fandoms We’re Thankful For

We’re not exactly sure what this is supposed to mean – like, it could be a list of 5 fandoms we’re a part of and we’re thankful for the people in them, or a list of 5 fandoms we’re grateful to be a part of, or 5 things we’re a fan of without actually taking part in the (internet) fandom… so yeah, we weren’t excatly sure what to do of 5 Fandoms We’re Thankful For.

Long story short, we decided to list 5 fandoms that we’re grateful exist, for whatever reason, and just mix all of the possibilities.

Aaaad I just realized I could just have started off this post without the huge explanation – but now I’ve written it down, so what the hell.

1. Lord of the Rings

We wouldn’t even have met if it wasn’t for Lord of the Rings. It’s because of our love for the stories and especially the movies that we went all the way to New Zealand – where we met. Crazy soulmates and whatnot – “there ain’t no me if there ain’t no you” – the whole cheesy ordeal, because, yes, I need to get more sappy and say: meeting Frodo was like finding a piece of myself I didn’t even know I was missing. Okay, moving on.



2. Supernatural

Frodo introduced me to Supernatural because she loved it, and of course I fell in love with that show as well. And it introduced me – us both – to the wonderful actor and human being that is Jared Padalecki, who has, through his numerous Always Keep Fighting campaigns, done so much for so many people. We’ve both known the struggles of depression and all the (really not so) beautiful things that hide in the deep, dark shadows of that word, and we’re so incredibly grateful that someone who has a voice uses it to address not only the issue of depression, but of mental illness in general. Jared is an amazing human being from what we’ve seen, and we may not actually know the man personally, but the face he shows the world sure is a wonderful one. (Jensen’s not half bad, either 😛 .)


3. Harry Potter

We grew up on Harry Potter. We dreamt (and still dream) about going to Hogwarts with the Golden Trio, walking the magical hallways, learning all these wonderful things about the magical world. We, as so many other children, grew up with these stories of courage and bravery, kindness and love, malevolence and heroism, good and evil. Harry Potter taught us (partially – we’re not going to take too much credit away from our parents) the strength of love, the pains  of the world, how important it is that you make your own choices, to be who you want to be and not who the world makes you to be – and, most importantly, how incredibly important it is to truly be kind to people, and that there are no excuses for those who are not. Harry Potter grew up in an abusive home, and was still always kind. Oh, and let’s not forget the sarcasm. I’m pretty sure those books are part of the reason why we use so much sarcasm.

4. Narnia

Without Narnia, Frodo would have never read “The Lord of the Rings”. The thing that started it all! It was also C.S. Lewis books which developed her love for fantasy. And the fact that Tolkien and Lewis were close friend is one more important thing to be grateful for this fandom.  We still hope to find Narnia in one of our closets.

Photo by CNC-mCNC-.235Cmp.0016 copy - © Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Walden Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Photo by CNC-mCNC-.235Cmp.0016 copy – © Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Walden Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

5. Marvel & DC

We’re not picking one, because we love both. And we’re thankful for them because… well, just because they’re awesome. Why would anyone need a reason to love superheroes?

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