5 Male Characters We (Love To) Hate

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday is “5 Black Friday Needs” – but there is no such thing as Black Friday around here, so that would be one very short and rather empty list.

So we decided to do the other half of our most hated characters: since we did female characters last time, we’ll do 5 Male Characters We (Love To) Hate.

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1. Metatron

Metatron is the Umbridge of the Supernatural fandom. This guy is just… not nice. Which is my kid’s friendly way to say he’s a total douchbag. He locked the Door to Heaven on whim because he wanted to be alone and was pissed that the angels allegedly made God pack up and leave – a crime for which he punished them by throwing them out. So he killed I don’t know how many angels (his own kind!) by making them fall. But angels are d*cks, so that’s not the worst part. The worst part is how he pretended to be a “good guy”, only to use Castiel to cast the spell to close the Door to Heaven, which cost Castiel his Grace and Heaven a hell of a lot more. And then the Winchesters and Cas come back to him for help time and again because he’s the only one who always seems to have the answer…

© The CW

© The CW

2. Joffrey

This one really doesn’t need an explanation.

 © 2012 - HBO. All rights reserved.

© 2012 – HBO. All rights reserved.

3. Kilgrave

We’ve just binge-watched Jessica Jones, and the villain, Kilgrave, is one sick individual. He can manipulate people via mind-control to do whatever he wants, which is freaky enough – but he likes to use it to make people hurt themselves or others. Or to force them to have sex with him. So yeah, he’s high up on the list of characters we’d like to slap with, I don’t know, a book. Or a building.

 © 2015 Netflix

© 2015 Netflix

4. Denethor

Jeremy Jahns (he reviews movies and stuff on Youtube; fun guy) called Denethor “Dickathor” in his review of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. That’s very accurate and suits him well, so naturally, we stole the name and use it whenever we’re talking about Denethor. Because man, that guy’s a d*ck. (I think I should stop using that word. But it’s a list of characters we hate, so the descriptions won’t be nice!). Why do we hate Dickathor? Well… why wouldn’t we? He treats Faramir like sh*t, obviously always favored Boromir, and has no respect for any life but his own and Boromir’s – but he’s dead, so that doesn’t leave all that many people he actually cares about. He sends his only surviving son to battle although everyone keeps telling him that they don’t stand a chance against the Orcs and Faramir and his soldiers are more than likely to die.

 © 2003 - New Line Cinema

© 2003 – New Line Cinema

5. President Snow

Again, I’m not so sure this one needs an explanation. After all, he’s the *ss that sends kids to slaughter each other for the entertainment of those lucky enough to be born in the Capitol.

 Photo by Murray Close - © 2014 - Lionsgate

Photo by Murray Close – © 2014 – Lionsgate

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