5 Holiday Recommendations

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday is a list of 5 Holiday Recommendations. We were not 100% sure what exactly that is supposed to be, so we’re just going to do 5 things we would recommend people do for the Holidays – although we are not super sure what that’s going to be. We’ll see, I guess.

1. Go To Germany

Because Germany is awesome, especially in Winter – you shall see in the following items on this list why exactly that is.

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Dresden in Winter

2. Go Visit A Weihnachtsmarkt

That’s German for Christmas Market. And it doesn’t even matter what city you go to, because every Weihnachtsmart in Germany is freaking awesome. And there’s usually more than one per town, which is great, because they’re not all the same.

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3. Buy And Drink A Cup Of Glühwein

Or make it yourself. That’s like hot spiced wine – and they may have those in other countries too, just like they have Christmas Markets in other coutries, but Germany does it best. And I’m pretty sure the whole Christmas Market thing comes from Germany, too.

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4. Get An Adventskalender

Advent calendar in English. For those who don’t know what those are: go to your nearest supermarket? I’m pretty sure they’ll have them, because that, too, is a thing many countries took over from Germany. It’s these little calenders, usually rectangular, although they can have many other shapes (you can even do one yourself if you’re super creative). You open one window each day of December until Christmas Eve, and there’s either a piece of chocolate or a little picture or perfume or whatever inside, depending on the calender you got. Kids love it – and adults would never admit it, but they love it, too.


5. Buy/Bake/Eat Cookies

Not chocolate chip cookies, but the things you bake for Christmas. Germans have some very cool ones that are super tasty (Zimtsterne, for example), but so do other countries – pick a recipe (or more than one), bake, enjoy. They’ll taste best at Christmas, of course, but they taste great before and afterward as well.

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