Supernatural Midseason Premiere

Before watching the latest Supernatural episode, I thought I would just do a collective post about the midseason premieres of the shows we did a collective midseason finales post. But then I watched “The Devil is in the Details“, and I changed my mind very fast. This episode deserve a post of its own – albeit a short one (I hope…).

This about sums up our reaction:

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I’m sorry, though, I can’t do this one spoiler-free, because so many things happen in this episode that need to be talked about. So: spoiler warning!

Where do I start? Ah, yes. Sam is in the Cage. With Lucifer. And what does Lucifer want? Exactly! For Sam to say yes so that Lucifer can escape the cage in Sam’s body, beat the Darkness, and live happily ever after. Most of the episode consists of Lucifer trying to convince Sam to say yes, by showing him a couple of memories. Good times.

© 2016 The CW

© 2016 The CW

Dean gets smiting sickness – yes, that is a thing – from the angels trying to smite the Darkness. Cas tells that he might be turned into salt (at least I think that’s what he says, but correct me if I’m wrong) if he doesn’t leave the area immediatly, which is convincing enough for Dean to do just that. He goes back to the bunker, finds it empty, and gets a call from Crowley telling him that Sam is in the Cage.

© 2016 The CW

© 2016 The CW

Cas goes to check if the Darkness has been killed, which of course, she hasn’t. At least she seems a bit affected by it… Anyway, she sends Cas to Crowley, Dean and Rowena with a message: “I am coming”. That sounds great, doesn’t it?

© 2016 The CW

© 2016 The CW

Rowena, who’s been working with Lucifer for a while, gets forced by Crowley to try and stop Lucifer from killing – or worse, possessing – Sam, but that doesn’t quite work out the way it should have…

© 2016 The CW

© 2016 The CW

And this is where the THIS-IS-NOT-GOOD-feeling set in. Dean and Cas try to buy time for Rowena to finish the spell by going into the Cage and fighting Lucifer, which may not have been such a great idea. Lucifer beats the sh*t out of everyone, which is bad enough… But then Cas does the stupidest thing EVER.

© 2016 The CW

© 2016 The CW

He f*cking says yes to Lucifer.

not cool - supernatural - sam and dean revolving door photo tumblr_m6bkaqnfGk1rziwwco1_400_zps7da8f01a.gif

And, I mean… Let’s just say that now we have the Darkness out there, unleashed upon the world… and freaking Lucifer “trying to stop her”. I don’t even know if he actually wants to do that. They both want the end of the world. They might just end up working together.

And he’s possessing Cas. Or his vessel? I don’t know. Whatever. It’s Misha. (And it was sorta fun to watch Misha Collins imitating Mark Pellegrino.)

But still! Hello?! He made a HUGE mistake right there! And I hope deep down, Castiel realized that as soon as that tiny stupid little word came out of his mouth.

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Because he REALLY should NOT have done that.

© 2016 The CW

© 2016 The CW

And Rowena should never have helped Lucifer. Cause he killed her. Bye-bye, mommy dearest.

Suffice it to say, this episode blew our minds. That was one f*cking plot twist that I did not see coming until seconds before it happened. I’m scared of where they’re going with this – and also very, very excited. They might even have figured out a premise for a potential season 12. Which would be fantastic, of course.

The acting was as fantastic as ever. Jared Padalecki did a great job at showing how scared and unsure and yet determed Sam is about this whole situation. Dean didn’t get that much screentime, but Jensen Ackles was as great as always. Mark Sheppard is still awesome as Crowley, and I hope they keep him around and don’t have Lucifer kill him off, too. Ruth Connell will be missed as Rowena, although I’m not sure whether or not we’ve seen the last of her. Rowena’s a fun character, so I hope not. And it is so much fun to watch Mark Pellegrino portray Lucifer that I kind of regret that he doesn’t appear to be doing much of that anymore. Misha Collins did a great job at playing the Devil, though, so I guess we got the next best thing.

Rating: Outstanding! This is one of those episodes that I’m not going to forget about. It’s going right there on that list of my favorite episodes of Supernatural, right next to “Swan Song” and “Sacrifice”. I loved this episode, and I’m very excited (and very scared) to see where this is headed. Will we get Cas back? Can Lucifer actually beat the Darkness? And if he does, what then? He’s not going to “move to L.A. and solve crimes”, that’s for sure. Does that mean we’ll have another apocalypse? How the f*ck are Sam and Dean going to solve this one – especially because there’s no Cas to help them this time? I have so many questions!

How about you? Have you seen this episode? What did you think about it?

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