Merchandise Monday

This week’s Merchandise Monday is Middle-Earth related. Or, more precisely, an item from the Hobbit fandom. Here’s a hint:

Originalbild anzeigenOriginalbild anzeigen


…I am adorable! Just look at Smaug’s proud little smile.


He doesn’t look much like Smaug, because he’s way too cute to be “the greatest calamity” of anyone’s time (sorry, Bofur).


My siblings got me this Funko figure for my last birthday – an awesome gift. Seriously. I love this little guy.

Although he’s not that little. He’s a lot bigger than the other Funkos, which only makes him better.


He’s even got the missing scale.

2 thoughts on “Merchandise Monday

  1. Argh, I came across him once and I regret not picking him up. I’m in love with the Hobbit trilogy despite all that it is. Perhaps because I haven’t read the book since eighth grade.

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    • I love the movies, even though the last one was a bit disappointing. I just don’t necessarily think of them as the movie adaptation of the book – they’re more of a “based on the book” thing 😛


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