5 Cupcakes

Sorry for the late post! But I spent the last 2 days in the car, and there was no way for me to do this sooner. But I’m doing it now.

So, here’s yesterday’s 5 Fandom Friday: “5 Cupcakes“. We’re not going to do actual food cupcakes, though, but rather list the characters we refer to as “cupcakes” because… I guess because they’re sweet?

1. Barry Allen

He’s been our cupcake since day 1. He’s adorable and cute and sweet and awkward – just downright adorable.


2. Peggy Carter

She’s a strong, witty, badass cupcake that teaches everyone their value, and shows that being a strong woman does not mean that you cannot love. She’s fierce and fiery and the best cupcake there is.


3. Sam Winchester

He’s not exactly the most conventional cupcake, but he’s a cupcake nonetheless. I don’t know why, though… He just is.


4. Jemma Simmons

She’s a smart cookie – or cupcake, in this case. She’s a fighter but adorable, cute and sweet and great.


5. Frodo

I mean my Frodo. I love her. She’s the sweetest person on earth, caring and amazing and if she was a food-cupcake, she’d be the kind with the melting chocolate in the middle.


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