5 Superpowers We Wish We Had

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday is supposed to be “5 Things I Carry In My Purse At All Times”, but we didn’t feel like doing that. This blogger proposed a couple of cool prompts, though, and we picked the one we liked most: 5 Superpowers We Wish We Had. Because, let’s face it, everyone wants to have superpowers, or has at least thought about it.


1. Super strength

It’s a bit generic and almost boring, but still an awesome superpower. You don’t even need to play superhero to enjoy having super strength; it would make everyday life a lot easier as well. No more heavy lifting. No more breaking into a sweat when carrying the groceries up the stairs. No more hurting back because your backpack is too heavy. The list of perks is endless! Just ask Supergirl. Or any other super strong superhero.


2. Healing

Just imagine being able to heal from anything. Not just your average papercut (which would be an improvement because those really do suck), but from everything else as well. Never getting sick, never having to be scared to die of cancer or the likes. And, even cooler – imagine being able to heal other people, not just yourself. Closing up open wounds, healing a common cold, making a tumor disappear… There is no better superpower than having healing abilities.


3. Teleportation

Who hasn’t fantasized about just zapping yourself out of a traffic jam, an awkward situation, school? And since we travel so much, it would come in reeeaally handy to simply close our eyes and go somewhere. No paying for transportation, no need for a visa – you could just go anywhere you want, anytime you want. You could see the whole world, visit every place on the map; go see your friends that live on the other side of the country whenever you feel like it. Teleportation, man. Could someone just go ahead and make that possible? Or at least beaming or something?


4. Perfect memory

Although this might also be a curse, because I’m pretty sure everyone has more than one memory they would like to forget – but all in all, being able to remember absolutely everything would just be freaking cool. Imagine it: no more studying for test or exams. You could do everything you want to, because you don’t have to kill yourself learning the stuff; you just look at it, and there it is, forever burnt into your memory. It would make life a whole of a lot easier, wouldn’t it?

5. Control the elements

That’s simply awesome. Not just because you could control the weather, but also for a whole bunch of other reasons. No more droughts, because you could just make it rain. No more people freezing to death, because you could heat up the air. No more fires, because you could put them out. No more tsunamies, earth quakes – no more natural desasters. You could feel them before they happen, and you could stop them. You could also fly, breathe underwater, walk through fire, create incredible things – there’s so many possibilities! I always loved the thought of controlling the elements; I even wrote a book about characters who did, just so I could pretend to be doing it myself.


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