5 Bromances We Ship

Since we talked about our favorite womances, it is time to talk about 5 Bromances We Ship!


1. Sam & Frodo

Let’s start with the obvisous one. I mean, just take a look at our names. I don’t think we need to explain why these two made our list. Sam followed Frodo to Mordor and carried him when he couldn’t go any further. Talk about an epic bromance. We just love these two so much.


2. Sam & Dean & Cas

Everyone who watches Supernatural can agree on this one. They would die for each other – they have proved that on more than one occasion, multiple of which they have actually died – without hesitation and try to save each other no matter what. Over and over again. And they couldn’t live without each other (they have proved that, too). “There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you” and whatnot.


3. Harry & Ron

Harry would never have made it as far as he did without Ron (or Hermione, but she’s not really a “bro”, so… sorry, Hermione.). Ron is the kind of friend that everyone should have – always there, always cracking a joke, always looking out for you. He accepted his role as Harry’s sidekick (we know he’s not just a sidekick. But Ron felt that way and didn’t mind), and Harry never thought of Ron that way. Ron gave Harry a family without thinking twice about it, and Harry needs Ron to be Harry Potter.


4. Will & Jem

These two love each other so much, it’d be gay if they weren’t, you know, not gay. They both love the same girl and it doesn’t change their friendship a bit. That’s amazing. And we love it. We love all of them.

  • Clockwork Angel Buch

5. Rocket & Groot

Although Rocket pretends to be annoyed when it comes to Groot, it’s just his way to show how much he means to him. They make for an amazing pair, these two.


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