Agent Carter Season 2 Review

I know, Agent Carter‘s season finale aired weeks ago, but I had neither the time nor the energy to write a review of it. Now I have both, and I shall put them to good use. Or semi-good use. Or whatever. I don’t actually have to read this stuff, you do; so you be the judge of how good or bad this post is going to be.

Welp, that was a lot of babbling. Sorry. I’ll get into it now, without any further ado. Spoiler-alert!

We loved Agent Peggy Carter from day 1. And I mean, day 1. We loved her in Captain America: The First Avenger, even though she was not that big of a character, and mostly introduced as a love interest for Steve Rogers. She was still awesome.

Season 1 was fantastic, too, and we rejoiced when they announced season 2. We’re just sad that the seasons are so short.

Agent Carter Peggy + Sousa Season 2

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The overall plot of the season is a new bad thing that could kill a lot of people, and a new villain – this one female. That was nice to watch, because it’s bold. I mean, this show takes place in the 40s, and still has more guts than most TV-shows and movies set today. I can count on one hand the (good) female villains I know; to be fair, I don’t know all of them. But in popular media, female villains are not that big a thing, and even when we get one, she’s usually just a bitch with a pretty face, and rather two-dimensional.

Whitney Frost/Madame Masque (Wynn Everett) is not like that. She’s not bitchy, and she’s not given depth through a tragic incident in her childhood. Sure, her childhood sucked, but there was no rape, no sexual molestation – that’s rare.

© 2016 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2016 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

She’s a good bad guy. Especially because there’s no real reason for her doing what she’s doing. She’s just driven insane by Zero Matter. And that’s part of what makes her such a great character: you can’t really predict what she’s going to do, because although she’s the smartest person in the room, and a freaking genius, she’s lost her mind. And you can’t predict a crazy person. You can’t reason with them, either, and that makes her very dangerous.

So I enjoyed her character very much.

There’s a couple of new characters introduced besides Whitney Frost. We finally get to meet Ana Jarvis (played by Lotte Verbeek), who’s a lot of fun. Jason Wilkes (Reggie Austin) is a scientist trying to help Peggy with her investigation into Whitney Frost; he’s a well-written, well-portrayed character, that I’m not quite sure I liked, because it felt like he was just there to be a love interest for Peggy and create a Peggy-Jason-Sousa love-triangle, and I’m just not a huge fan of those. Dottie comes back for a couple of episodes, which was fun. It sucks that they only brought Angie back for a couple of minutes at the end of the season – I would have liked to see more of her.

Agent Carter Wilkes + Peggy Season 2

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I’m not going to name every other side-plot character that we met in season 2. There’s an important side-plot (the whole Vernon Masters (Kurtwood Smith) and Jack Thompson thing) that almost bored me in the middle of the season, before seeing where they were going with it. It got interesting again after that.

Agent Carter Ana + Jarvis Season 2

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The dialogue is great as always. The chemistry between the characters is fantastic; Team Carter is just awesome, and I love all the characters in it (except maybe for Wilkes). The relationship between Peggy and Jarvis is still one of the best things about this show, and I love watching these two. I sure hope I get to see more of them next year…

Agent Carter Season 2 Finale

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All in all, it was a great season. Peggy going to L.A. felt organic, because they give us a good reason for her leaving New York (the only thing I didn’t like about it was that she left Angie behind). The characters are still a lot of fun, and there was some great character developments. Peggy is still a badass, Hayley Atwell is still fantastic, Jarvis is still awesome, and James D’Arcy is still terrific at playing him. This season had a great villain that I enjoyed a lot (in case that wasn’t clear from the long paragraph above).

Rating: Exceeds Expectations. I loved this season, I love the characters, and I SO hope we get a third season of Agent Carter!

© Marvel & ABC Studios

© Marvel & ABC Studios

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