Merchandise Monday

It’s [Merchandise] Monday! Yay! Funny how they always come around each week. And I’m very amazed at the fact that we still have stuff we haven’t told you guys about… We’re a lot richer in fan merchandise than either of us would have thought. Amazing.

The two things I will write about in two sentences kinda tie in with the Merchandise Monday post we did two weeks ago. So if you’re interested in more of the same stuff, go check that post out!

It’s more books!



We got the Visual Companion for The Two Towers



…and The Return of the King.

We bought them in the same little second hand book shop in Wellington where we also got the books for The Hobbit. That store was amazing. I wish I knew where to find one like that in my city…

Like the ones for The Hobbit, these books contain some more or less useful information about the movies, the characters, the actors etc. It’s fascinating stuff! Just completely useless in real life. Which is why I have it perfectly memorized. Amazing how my brain works like that.


And I don’t know who Beate is, but she’s one lucky woman to have gotten a signed copy of this book! I wonder what happened to her…

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