Daredevil Season 2 Review

Okay, so, I just finished watching season 2 of Daredevil, and I thought I’d share my thoughts and opinions with you guys.

Spoiler-alert! And length-warning. This post got a lot longer than I intended it to be. Sorry.

We loved the first season of Daredevil; we just kinda forgot to make a post about it. Shame on us. But we’re gonna make up for it by writing about season 2. At least a litte bit.

Let’s start by saying that, just like season 1, season 2 had a couple of different story lines, that were seemingly random, but in the end, all tied together to one big thing. Well, two things. What I’m trying to say is that, although it seems to be a bit all over the place, season 2 actually does know where it’s going, and is not all that spread out. I had my doubts about that, but I was wrong – and I love it when a show proves me wrong about these kinds of things.

There’s more characters in this season. Some we met in season 1, some are introduced now. And they’re all very well done, starting with Frank Castle, AKA The Punisher. Jon Bernthal is absolutely amazing. I don’t know about the comics, so I can’t tell you if he does the Punisher the way fans wanted him to be – but I do know that he does an incredible job at playing the role the show wrote for him. Frank steals the show. Every single scene with him is fantastic, and you’ll wish you’d see more of him.

Daredevil + Punisher

© 2016 – Netflix

Elektra is fun, too, but I’m not quite sure what to think of her. She’s a very well-written character, and Elodie Yung does a great job portraying her, but I feel like they didn’t exactly know what to do with her. She plays an important role in this season, and she’s a badass character, but it’s almost like she doesn’t exactly know what she wants. There are a couple of moments where I felt like there were two writers who couldn’t agree on what they wanted Elektra to be, and so they compromised and met in the middle – so she’s two things. It’s as though they tried to make her a complex characters, but kinda failed (not entirely, of course, because she’s still a good-written character, but just enough for people to notice). It’s… not confusing, per se. Disappointing, perhaps. Because she’s a good character, when she could have been a great one.

 © 2016 - Netflix

© 2016 – Netflix

There’s a couple of minor characters that we met in season 1, who play a bigger role in season 2. Sergeant Brett Mahoney gets more screen time, and has a bit more purpose this season. Mitchell Ellison actually plays a very important role in one of the story lines. I enjoyed watching him develop as a character, and I like the role they gave him in this season.

 © 2015 - Netflix

© 2015 – Netflix

And there’s Stick. He’ more important his season, and even though we get to see more of him and learn more about him, I’m still not quite sure what to think of him. He’s not black or white. He’s more like… a very, very dark grey.

 © 2015 - Netflix

© 2015 – Netflix

Claire is back as well, but she plays a smaller role. It sucks, because they could have given her a bigger role to play; but at least she kills it whenever she’s on screen. Rosario Dawson is awesome, and Claire is a freaking badass. Seriously.

And then there’s Matt, Foggy and Karen, of course. I did not like what they did with them this season. It’s like… they gave Foggy and Karen these important roles in season 1, and at the end of the season, it felt like they were going to be an important part of Matt’s life both as Matt and as Daredevil – and then they completely f*ck it up. There’s a romance going on between Matt and Karen, which felt a little out of place, but was cute to watch – for the entire 2 minutes that it lasted. At least they didn’t reduce Karen to a love-interest. She’s still an important character, strong and kick-ass and kind. I’m really grateful that they didn’t define her through her relationship with Matt (or Foggy, or Frank), but made her out to be her own person. That’s surprisingly rare, and I really, really appreciated that.

Daredevil Matt + Karen

© 2016 – Netflix

Matt and Foggy have a lot of problems too, which was predictable, even though Foggy seemed okay with his friend being a vigilante at the end of season 2. I’m not quite sure I liked that story line. This season is hell-bent on destroying every single personal relationship Matt has, and that’s just stupid. Seriously, it’s starting to get boring and annoying. Every single superhero out there has the same story, the same “I can’t be friends with you because it’s dangerous and you can’t be friends with me because you don’t understand and you’re better off without me” bullshit going on. Why can’t we have a main character who can actually keep his friends and family? Matt wears a mask. And even if he didn’t, who the hell would suspect the blind guy to be Daredevil? He’s not actually putting Foggy or Karen in danger, at least not because he’s Daredevil – because no one knows he’s Daredevil. And even if he was, he proved on multiple occasions that he can still keep them safe. It would be nice to have a superhero with a functioning support system for once. Less drama. It doesn’t matter that that’s unrealistic – just give the guy/girl a break!

Daredevil Matt + Karen + Foggy

Sorry for that rant.

Okay, the plot, I mentioned, seems unorganized, but is actually thought through, and despite what one might think in the middle, they actually do know where they’re going with it. And it all makes sense in the end.

The writing was good, although not as good as season 1.

There’s a couple of fantastic scenes, though. Remember that jaw-droppingly good corridor fight scene in season 1? Yeah, well, there’s one of those in season 2, too. There’s more than one, even, although there’s one particularly memorable one. If you’ve watched it, you’ll know which one I mean.

Okay, so, this was a disturbingly long post, and I’m sorry about that. There was just a lot on my mind that I had to put on paper. Or on screen, in this case. My rating for Daredevil season 2: Exceeds Expectations. I loved season 1 so much, I wasn’t sure they could keep it up for season 2. They did! And even though I enjoyed season 1 was a little bit more, season 2 was still awesome.

I enjoyed this season very much. I enjoyed the characters – even though there are a few developments that I don’t agree with (they kinda make sense, though. It’s just my personal opinion and my personal feelings toward them) -, the stories are great, the fight scenes are amazing, and everybody is doing an amazing job at playing their characters. I loved this season, and I’m definitely hoping for a season 3! Especially because season 2 ended in a freaking cliffhanger.

What about you? Did you watch Daredevil (season 1 or 2 or both)? What did you think about it?

 © 2016 - Netflix

© 2016 – Netflix

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