5 Favorite Shops To Get Geeky Wears/Wares

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday is a list of our 5 Favorite Shops To Get Geeky Wears/Wares; we actually found 5! But it’s not exactly a list of our favorite shops. Because we just have these 5. And they were hard to come up with… So here we go:

1. Elbenwald

If you live in Germany or Austria, go to Elbenwald! Or their website. Because, let me tell you, this store is awesome! They have (almost) everything. Most of my fandom-collection is from there. They have wands, t-shirts, Funkos, cups, mugs, weapons, costumes, pens, books… everything a fangirls or -boys heart can dream of! The prices are fair, too, because it’s good quality stuff.



2. Weta

We love to look at the stuff they do! It’s expensive as f*ck, of course, so buying anything is rarely an option, but we do own a couple of things from weta, including Frodo’s the One Ring, and the three collectibles from the Collector’s Editions I own.

weta cave (2)

3. actionfiguren24.de

That’s the websites where I got most of my Funkos. They got good prices, and not just for Funkos! There’s a lot of cool action figures to buy. It’s a German site, though, so I don’t know about shipping to other countries.



4. amazon.com

Well, it’s amazon, so there’s not much you can’t buy on there. Or not much, at least. We got a lot of stuff off amazon.



5. cafepress.com

cafepress is an awesome website with lots of awesome geeky wears and wares. It’s a bit over-priced, but they have really nice things, which almost makes up for the prices.



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