5 Best Fictional Siblings

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday is supposed to be “5 Guilty Pleasure Fandoms” – but we’ve done that, so we won’t bore you with another post on the same topic. But because there wasn’t one last week (sorry about that, by the way), we figured we better think of another topic. Which is how this post about 5 of the Best Fictional Siblings came to be. Enjoy!

1. Sam & Dean

They would do everything for each other. Really everything. They’d go to hell and back. They’ve done that quite a lot, actually, and quite literally. Supernatural would never have made it as far as it has without their relationship and their love for each other.


2. Katniss & Prim

Katniss did everything to protect her younger sister. She went to the Games for her. And Prim saved Katniss, too, in her own way. We just love their relationship, and Prim’s death was absolutely devastating (seriously. I’m still upset, and it’s been years since I first read the books).


3. Alex & Kara

They are not related by blood, but we all know that family doesn’t end with blood. Every hero needs a hero, and Alex is Kara’s hero. They protect each other and stay together no matter what. And we especially love that, say what you want about Supergirl, the sisterly relationship is very well done. There’s no stupid rivalry between the two (which would have been a very easy plot to write, so thank god they didn’t) – they just show two sister who love each other very much.


4. Alec & Isabelle

They couldn’t be more different, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have each other’s back. The Lightwood siblings stick together, no matter what. It’s sad that Max had to be taken out of that equation.


5. Tadashi & Hiro Hamada

The whole movie is cute and heart breaking – as is their realtionship. It melts your heart to see how Tadashi is looking out for his younger brother and is also very proud of him. And the admiration these two have for each other is super sweet. Our hearts break every single time Tadashi dies.


11 thoughts on “5 Best Fictional Siblings

  1. I love that you added Hiro and Tadashi, most people wouldn’t even think about them!!
    I would also add the Weasly twins frol Harry potter 🙂

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