5 Favorite Sidekicks/Side Characters

We changed the topic for 5 Fandom Friday again, since we didn’t have a clue what to write about 5 Nerdy Hobbies That People Don’t Consider Nerdy. So we came up with another topic: 5 Favorite Sidekicks/Side Characters.


Cap without Falcon? Oh no, that sounds horrible. They are such a good team and Cap really needs someone who knows how to crack a joke every now and then. Although the Falcon is not comic relief, he’s a fun character. These two show us that you can meet great friends on the street (while jogging). On your left!


2. The Weasley Twins

Who doesn’t love the Weasley twins? Right! No one! Ever! They are just hilarious and so much fun (books and movies).


3. Chaol

He is loyal and loves his friends with all his heart. He is also kind and wants to do the right thing.



4. Magnus

How can we describe Magnus? Well… we can’t really, not in a few sentences. He is probably one of the most awesome characters ever! If you look up the word “awesome” or/and “glitter” you would find Magnus Bane in the description.



5. Eowyn

She is beautiful. She is smart. She is bad-ass. Just three reasons to love Eowyn as much as we do.  We love that she is such a strong women, even when she is afraid. That is when her true strength is showing. She’s not one of the main characters, and yet goes and kills the second worst baddie in The Return of the King, and that’s awesome.



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