Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Reaction & WTF – Moments

Finally a new epsiode of our favorite no-one-is-save-TV-show aka Game of Thrones and we need to talk about it! I mean, I need to talk about it. This isn’t going to be a normal review like we do for the other shows or movies, though. It’s more like a list with the best WTF-moments from the episode and my reaction to it.

So, who is in for the ride? And yeah, brace yourselves: Spoilers are coming!

1.Hodor could talk when he was a boy. Now, the question is: what happend to him? Hodor? Hodor!

2. Tyrion sets the dragons free. A really good idea, they have been hold captive way too long.


3. Euron Greyjoy appears and kills Balon Greyjoy on a bridge by pushing him over the edge.

4. Ramsey kills his father and his brother. And yeah also his step-mother. A good day to be Bolton.





5. Jon Snow is back! Thank you Melisandre! I was expecting that he would be resurrected but not so soon. But the earlier the better.



And now we have to wait another week… but what is your opnion on the new episode? How do you like the season so far? What was the most shocking moment for you yet?

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