5 Favorite Fictional Creatures

Officially, 5 Fandom Friday is on a break this month (I hope nobody minds us using the name unofficially…), but because we enjoy making these posts and they’re something we look forward to every week, we decided to do our own prompts. The first one is *drumroll* (it’s not like it’s the title of this post or anything) 5 Favorite Fictional Creatures.

Let’s do this.


1. Hobbits

This may come as a shock, but we love Tolkien’s books, the world he created, and (almost) all of its inhabitants – starting with the Hobbits. I mean, we did steal the names of two of them. Hobbits are fantastic. They eat 7 meals a day, they don’t care about looks, they walk around barefoot; they live in holes in the ground – not nasty, dirty, wet holes filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet dry, bare, sandy holes with nothing to sit down on or eat: they’re hobbit-holes, and that means comfort. What’s there not to love?


2. Dragons

Mostly because they’re awesome. And terrifying, which is part of what makes them awesome. I’m not quite sure as to why humans decided to make up beast with scales, wings and claws, that, on top of all that, breathes fire – but hey, they did, and now we have dragons. Some good, some bad, some small, some huge, but all of them more or less awesome. I mean, say what you will about Smaug, he may not have done much out of the goodness of his heart, but he was a great dragon. I love that dragons are not just mindless beasts, but have a will of their own (that they can make sure they get with the fire that they just so happen to breathe), and are, in some stories, very articulate and intelligent.


3. Unicorns

We don’t mean the fluffy kind, more, like, the gory, creepy kind that the Scots made up (at least I think it was the Scots?). Fun stuff. So if you are not a female virgin you are as good as dead, because the unicorns are going to skin you alive with their teeth. Super fluffy, right? That’s so contrary to everything else people (who are not Scotish) say about unicorns, we’re still in shock. Who would have thought that these beautiful creatures are kinda very evil?

4. Angels

Now, before someone takes that personally for religious reasons, we do not mean the ones mentioned in religion. I mean, we kinda do, but not really. Whatever. It’s not like we haven’t mentioned Supernatural before, and one of the main characters just so happens to be an angel. We love to hate the angels Supernatural created, because they’re so unlike the tiny naked winged babies that we have come to know – how did Dean put it so elloquently? “Angels are dicks”. That’s a somewhat new approach, isn’t it? They make for great allies (Cas) and dangerous enemies (Metatron).


5. Elves

Tolkien was the one who started with the elves that almost looked human, as far as I know. Before Tolkien, elves where tiny winged creatures that lived in the woods and slept in flowers and drank dew or whatever. They were fairies. And now they’re not anymore. They’re human-sized (and then some), intelligent, elegant, badass, beautiful, wise, immortal, terrifying creatures that, nowadays, have been made to have so many sides to them – it’s fantastic. You can make an elf be anything you can’t actually make a human. It’s probably a bit overused, but as a writer, let me tell you, they’re a lot of fun to write. You just have to find a thin line between boringly perfect and scarily badass.


6 thoughts on “5 Favorite Fictional Creatures

  1. Werewolves (Teen Wolf!!!), Demons (Crowley…), three-headed dogs (Fluffy….), house-elves, and Hobbits would be my five favourite fictional creatures. I’m not sure if metahumans would be included, otherwise I would have chosen them as well.

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    • Of course Hobbits are real, but we can’t tell the Muggles that :O πŸ˜‰
      True. I would not want to cross paths with a wild dragon. But there’s dragonriders and stuff, so they’re not all bad! πŸ˜€


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