Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 Reactions & WTF-Moments

Holy moly, what an episode! So we need to hurry and talk about it! Are you ready?

As usual: Spoiler Alert!

1.The Stark Family Reunion! Finally. I freaked out when Sansa and Jon met and their hug was heartwarming.


2. Littlefinger is back and he convinces Robin Arryn to send his army to help Sansa. Took you long enough, but better late than never!


3. Theon wants to help his sister claim the Salt Throne. Another reunion. Also one I really like. It’s great to see that he had some great character development.


4. Ramsey’s letter to Jon Snow. Well, you pissed some people off! Now we all hope you are going be crushed by the Starks. Yes – I really want him dead.


5. Mother of Dragons is back! And she isn’t to be messed with! Wow, what a scene! Dani’s speech and then they just burn the whole building down and it killed everyone besides our favorite Queen, who walks out naked and completely unfazed. That was a powerful scene!


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