Merchandise Monday

This week’s Merchandise Monday is again something from The Lord of the Rings but I regret nothing! So let’s take a look…



May I present to you, the soundtrack for The Fellowship of the Ring? I’ve owned this CD for ages now (probably around 9 years). And I still love it to death.


I mean look at it. How could you not love something with the fellowship on its back?! This wasn’t a christmas gift. I saved some money way back when to buy it, and it was worth every cent.


My favorite track is, of course: “Concerning Hobbits”! Oh my chuck, I love this track so much, I could start crying every single time I listen to it. I’ve wished I could live in the Shire so many times, it’s insane. Since I can’t, I am glad that I can at least dream of it while listening to this beautiful music. Thank you, Howard Shore.

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