Game of Thrones Season 6 Epsiode 6 Reactions & WTF-Moments

New week, new Game of Thrones post. I am little late this time and I am really sorry. So without further ado, let’s talk about the episode.

As always: Spoiler Alert!

1.Bran and Meera running for their lives. But they are getting saved from the white walker by an unknown person on a horse.


2. Arya fails on her mission. She can’t kill Lady Crane and has a big problem now. Which means she needs to watch out that she doesn’t get killed.


3. We meet Sam’s family. And his father is… well, let’s say he is not a very nice person (understatement of the year).


4. Oh yes! Benjen Stark is alive! I knew he was the one who saved Bran.


5. Daenerys and her dragon Drogon are back together. And her speech, while sitting on Drogon’s back, was kinda awesome. A little bit cliché but still good.


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