Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7 Reactions and WTF-Momemts

Time flies by. Just a few epsiodes until the season finale. I am excited and a little sacred… but let’s talk about episode 7 today 🙂

As usual: Spoilers are coming!

1.The Hound is alive! We all knew something was up when they showed us a scene before the intro, but I really did not expect this!


2. Margaery is faking her whole performance and we will see soon that she is going to fight back against the High Sparrow. You go girl!


3. Jon, Sansa and Ser Davos trying to convince the houses of the North to join the forces, after the wildling joined them. But they run out of luck and we also meet an awesome ten-year old girl who doesn’t take shit from anyone.


4. Arya wants to go back to Westeros! Finally! It’s been way too long. But then she gets stabbed and barely escapes. I mean it is obvious that she wouldn’t die but I was in shock for a few moments nonetheless.


5. The Hound is back and on a revenge trip! Can’t wait to see how its story is going to continue. But it was totally clear, that these three men were up to something, and good people usually don’t survive in Westeros.



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