Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8 Reactions & WTF-Moments

The end of this season is coming closer and closer… (let’s hope the best characters survive the next two episodes!)

So let’s talk about the newest episode!

As always: Spoilers are coming!

1.The Hound is on a killing spree. More or less. He uses his axe a few times.



2. Tyrion tries to cheer up the rest of people who are left from Daenerys’ Council. With a little bit of wine it finally works but then a lot of ships arrive and all hell breaks loose. Thankfully our Mother of Dragons arrives perfectly on time.



3. Arya seeks help from Lady Crane. And sadly it costs Lady Crane’s life. But Arya is now finally free and needs to move her ass back to Westeros.



4. Brienne tries to convince the Blackfish to help Sansa. Sadly it doesn’t work. But we get an reunion with Jamie. And the conversation between Podrick and Bronn is just awesome.



5. And finally we see Cercei’s Bodyguard aka “The Mountian” in action. He seems like a nice, peaceful fellow (NOT).



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