5 Fictional Families We Would Like To Adopt Us

In theory, this week’s 5 Fandom Friday is “5 Favorite Podcasts”, but we don’t listen to podcasts, so listing 5 is… complicated. But we saw a prompt in the comment section of The Nerdy Girlie that sounded cool, so we decided to steal it.

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We’ve done our favorite fictional fathers and mothers, so listing 5 Fictional Families We Would Like To Adopt Us is lining up pretty well with those. Shall we?

1. The Weasleys, Harry Potter

Molly and Arthur are the best parents because they not only love their own kids to the moon and back, but also their friends. They are kind and loving and take in both Harry and Hermione without questioning it, even though they have enough children of their own and not much money.

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2. Bilbo Baggins, The Lord of the Rings

Mostly because we want to live in Bag End, and Bilbo is awesome.

3. The Wests, The Flash

We’re counting Barry as part of the West family, because he is. Joe is a fantastic dad, and having Iris, Wally and Barry as siblings would be fun.

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4. The Night Court, A Court of Mist and Fury

They’re not a family in the conventional sense, but they’re a family nonetheless. They love each other deeply, and they don’t even think twice before including Feyre into their family, even though she’s lain with their enemy.


5. Magnus & Alec, The Mortal Instruments

Maybe not as dads, cause they’re about our age (or look like they are, in Magnus’ case), and that’d be a little weird. I’m sure they’re great dads, though. Maybe we could be part of their family as sisters, and they could be uncles to our kids one day 😀 that would be fun. And that extends beyond Magnus and Alec. They’re just pretty much the best part of the group.

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