5 Fandom Habits

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday is all about habits. Let’s see how fandoms creep their way into our every day lives, shall we? This ought to be fun.

gif insanity

1. Oh my Chuck

We’ve been using that for a while now, long before it was canon that Chuck is God. I don’t even know why we started it, but we did, and it stuck around, and now we rarely use the normal expression anymore.

Chuck god gif

2. Dressing like Peggy Carter

We’re in love with Peggy Carter’s dresses! So, naturally, we went and bought ourselves at least one each. We even paint our nails the same color. It’s a little weird (for the mundies), but given that that style is pretty common nowadays, nobody has to know that it’s TV-inspired.

agent carter gif

3. Our nicknames

We don’t only use Frodo and Sam on this blog, but in real life, too. We do actually call each other Frodo and Sam. We started doing it in New Zealand and it stuck, so now we’re two Hobbits that get funny looks when we’re out and about and I yell “Frodo” (Sam is pretty normal). It’s always fun 😀

Frodo sam gif

4. Fandom clothing/accessories

Not only do we enjoy wearing dresses like Agent Carter and painting our nails red, we also usually wear at least one piece of clothing and/or and accessory that is an allusion to a fandom. We own a couple of superhero T-Shirts that are worn a lot, and some  jewelry (mostly Middle-Earth) that we don’t leave the house without.

Chuck cute gif

5. Bitch/Jerk

We shamelessly stole those lovely nicknames from Sam and Dean, and use them in the most affectionate way – just like they do. Although we do it more frequently, I guess. Since I’m already a Sam, I get to call Frodo a Jerk; and who doesn’t love being called Bitch? 😀

bitch Jerk gif

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