Suicide Squad Pros & Cons

Guess who’s finally gotten around to watching Suicide Squad?


But because I don’t want to write another mile long review that nobody actually wants to read, I thought I’d do a list of 5 good and 5 bad things. Shall we?

Before I forget: Spoiler alert!

Let’s start with the bad things to get that over with.

1. The pacing. I think it was one of the major gripes the critics had with this movie, and sadly, I have to agree. It’s a fast-paced movie, but then it slows down at weird moments.

2. There are times when it felt like the editors didn’t have enough time to make the transition from one scene to another more… organic?

3. Slipknot was in the movie for about 30 seconds.

4. Although I don’t really mind Jared Leto as the Joker, I don’t particularly like his portrayal of him either. The Joker is nuts, which is what makes him such a great and scary villain – I get that it’s pretty hard to act portray that. But I felt that Jared Leto’s acting was a little over the top and forced from time to time. That being said, I still liked him in the movie. And I won’t compare him to Heath Ledger, because it’s a) not fair, and b) a completely different approach in this case.

5. The timeline is a little confusing. And the story went a little AWOL in my opinion. It was a little stretched thin and weak.

it's done

That was harder than I’d thought it would be.

Now, the good things.

1. The characters. Even though we only got a couple of minutes of story for each character – understandable, since there’s a lot of them and the movie can’t go on for hours and hours – and got thrown into the story right away, the characters were well-written, and really well acted. These are villains, but the actors and writers still managed to pull it off that you care for them, and I think that’s amazing.

2. The music. Holy shit, the music. The soundtrack of this movie is AWESOME! It’s fitting and the songs are cool, and it’s just great.

3. The writing. There’s humor, there’s emotion, it’s organic. The character developments make sense and go in the right direction. The writers did a very good job in this; although they could have done a little better with the story. Not sure if that’s their fault, though…

4. The cast. I guess this is kinda the same point as number 1, but the actors deserve their own number. Will Smith was great, Margot Robbie – just holy shit!, she was horrific – even Jai Courtney, whom I’m not so big a fan of, delivered a good Captain Boomerang. I’m not completely sold on Cara Delavingne, but I loved the character of Enchantress, and since they’re kinda the same person, she can’t be that bad. Viola Davis is fierce. Karen Fukuhara’s Katana doesn’t say much, but she is badass. Joel Kinnaman delivers a very heartbroken and torn patriot. And Jay Hernández killed it as El Diablo. I’m sure I forgot people, but I promised you a short post, and this point is getting out of hand.

5. It’s a great movie! I enjoyed every second of it, and I would pay the overpriced ticket again in a heartbeat to watch it again.

heart eyes

Rating: Exceeds Expectations. I loved it, despite the little flaws – it’s fun, it’s sad when it needs to be, it’s badass, and it’s fantastic. Screw the critics!

heart eyes 2

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