Top Ten Tuesday | Top Five All Time Favorite Fantasy Books

This week’s theme is favorite books of one genre, and we picked fantasy, cause it’s pretty much our favorite genre. And here we are! We’ve just picked 5 this time, because we didn’t want to give you 10 books we kinda like, but 5 books we absolutely love.


1. Harry Potter

We grew up on Harry Potter. These books have everything; they’re home, in a way. Even now, being grown ups and all, these books still make us laugh and cry and teach us a new lesson every time we open them again.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Buch

2. The Lord of the Rings

They’re the classics of the fantasy genre – the beginning of an era in the book world. They’re epic and grand and amazing, and in case our names and this blog have been misleading: we are absolutely and completely in love with the world that Tolkien created.

3. Throne of Glass

A kick-ass, in no way perfect, sobby or in any other way annoyingly “girly” female character? Hell yeah! These books are captivating and well written, and the world Sarah J. Maas created is fantastic, every character well rounded and tangible, so that one can easily identify with any one of them.

4. The Mortal Instruments

Another world we love, but these books are some of our favorites mostly because of the humor. Cassandra Clare’s characters have a sarcastic, witty, snarky way that’s just a lot of fun to read.

5. A Court Of Thornes And Roses

I can’t quite put my finger on what makes these books so good that they are on our list of favorite fantasy novels. Maybe it’s the badass female character that just doesn’t back off, or Sarah J. Maas’ fantastic writing that made us fall in love with the Throne of Glass series, or maybe it’s the really cool world she created, but it’s probably all of the above.


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