Top Ten Tuesday | Ten Characters We’d Name Our Kids After

Since we missed the last 3 prompts , we thought we’d pick the one we wanted to do most: Ten Characters We’d Name Our Kids After.

We did this as a 5 Fandom Friday about a year ago, so here’s to seeing whether we can come up with different ones! (probably not).


1. Jon

Let’s start with the boring name. Cause it kind of is. But it also very awesome because Jon Snow is very awesome, so there is that.

game of thrones shot everything battle favourite

2. Susan

I’ve always liked that name, even though it’s not usually a name you’d find kids to have these days. Maybe it was party due to the fact that I have always loved the character of Susan in The Narnia Chronicles.

3. Peeta

Okay, I’m just going to say this here: a lot of names on this list are characters we’d name our kids after, but probably never will, because we wouldn’t want them to have to struggle with their name all their lives. Peeta is just one example. He’s an amazing character that we love.

4. Lyra

Another name I’ve like ever since reading His Dark Materials as a kid. It’s not necessarily my favorite book, but I like the name, and I liked her character (as far as I can remember… it’s been a while).

5. Sam

Well. It had to be on here somewhere. Sam Winchester and Samwise Gamgee are two of our favorite characters ever, and Sam is a simple yet pretty name, and probably one of the very few socially acceptable ones on this list… not that that’s a factor, because scr*w socially acceptable.

6. Hermione

This is a rather common name – generation Harry Potter is starting to have children! We’re not there yet, but the name is still pretty awesome. And don’t even get me started on how much we love the character.

7. Dean

Because Winchester.

8. Aurora

I’m not a huge fan of the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty, but I do like Sleeping Beauty’s name. I’ve named a character in one of my stories after her, because it’s simply a beautiful name. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be named after a character in a fairytale – or, even better, a breathtaking natural phenomenon?

sleeping beauty disney disney princess maleficent disney princesses

9. Charlie

Even though Charlie Bradbury is a woman in Supernatural, it’s socially acceptable for a boy to bear that name as well.

charlie bradbury

10. Celeana

It’s not even for the character, really, but we both agree that Celeana is a really cool name. The character’s not half bad, but she could have been better. So this one’s more for the name itself then the character.

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