German Comic Con

Last weekend (October 15th and 16th) we went to the very first German Comic Con in Berlin! We had lots of fun, twisted our necks because we had to look at all the amazing cosplayers, and enjoyed looking at all the amazing things you could buy.


This is going to be a photo post, cause there’s not sooo much to talk about. We went to a few panels, but not all that we wanted to see unfortunately.  There were way too many people on Saturday, Sunday was less full, and we got to take a better look at the stands, which was fun. We didn’t cosplay this time, mostly because we had to get half way across the city to the Messe, and it was raining, and we were scared for the costumes.

Anyway. Shall we?




We went to the Sylvester McCoy panel, and, just as he did at HobbitCon, he moved around the room to have people ask their questions.



James Marsters‘ panel was fun, even tough I’ve never actually seen him in anything. (I know he was in Buffy, but I never got past the first 7 episodes, so I never saw him…)




Famke Janssen had a lot of important stuff to say about life, so her panel was fun, but also interesting. She’s beautiful in real life, btw. And tall. And really cool.




There were so many amazing cosplays and cosplayers!



And so much great stuff to buy! I almost bought Andúril, but then I didn’t. Because I remembered that I need the money for other things, like food, or rent – all overrated, if you ask me, but somehow society thinks them more necessary than awesome swords… sucks.


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