Rogue One Review

I am also late with this review, although a little less than with the last one I posted. But I have a little time on my hand right now, so why not use it? And I need to talk about Rogue One, because… reasons. That you will hear all about later on in this post. If you wish to read it, of course.

Warning, though:

I will not be holding back on the spoilers, so you have been warned!

The Good:

The characters were amazing! All of them! Jyn Erso is a great hero, because she had no intention of being one, but well, it’s Star Wars, and sh*t happens, so she became one anyway. Cassian Andow is awesome! I loved that he wasn’t picture-perfect, but got his hands dirty, and I loved how they showed that the Rebels had to make tough choices and were ready to kill for their cause as much as the Empire was through Cassian. Bodhi is amazing, too! Chirrut  was badass, and Baze was his perfect counterpart. And don’t even get me started on K-2SO – that sarcastic little sh*t had the whole theatre laughing.

The plot is great. Even though the end is, in its own way, predictable, the story still had a few twists and turns I wasn’t expecting. And the ones I was expecting were still, in my opinion, executed in a good way.

Excited GIF - Excited Adorable AGT GIFs

The writing is fantastic, too. The characters are well-written, the dialogue is a lot of fun and super dramatic and great.

The actors do an amazing job. All of them! I can’t cite them all here cause then we’d still be here tomorrow, but I loved everyone in this movie. Every. Single. One.

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The music. Chuck, the music. It wasn’t John Williams, but it was awesome! I had goosebumps. Still do, whenever I listen to the soundtrack, that I quite literally downloaded right after exiting the theatre.

goosebumps photo lesliegoosebumps.gif

The CGI for Tarkin was well done, even though it showed it was CGI at times. But he was such an important character in the original movies, and played a big role on the Death Star, so it only makes sense that they brought him back for Rogue One.

The Darth Vader scene at the end (you know what scene I mean!) was freaking awesome! It was great to see him fight the way he did.

I also loved that they show so many different planets that have never been mentioned before. The Star Wars universe is so huge, and we only ever get to see such a small part of it – part of the reason why I love these new movies they’re making is because now we get to explore more of it!

The end. Although it was predictable, it was still great. And somewhat brave, because they never killed off main characters. At least not like this. Even though I hated being right about the ending (I wanted them to survive and live happily ever after, cause they deserve it!), I liked that they didn’t try to find some non-sense way to save them.

The Bad:



Honestly? The only thing I can come up with that wasn’t awesome was the beginning. It keeps hopping back and forth between planets and scenes, which is a little irritating the first time you see the movie. But upon seeing it a second time, I decided that it wasn’t too bad, because it was necessary for build-up. So I’m not sure it counts as bad?

And, well, I didn’t like the main characters dying, because I grew very attached to them. I know I said it was a good thing right above, and it is, but I would still have liked not to have to watch them all die. Especially because Bodhi didn’t even get a real death-scene. It was just like – boom! – dead.

(minus the mother and brother. But I find this reaction to be very accurate)

Rating: Outstanding. Hands down one of the best movies I saw this year. I’d say it’s even in the top three. I loved this movie so much! And I’m looking forward to seeing it a third time, because it’s awesome, and I love Star Wars.

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