ShelfieSaturday #4

This Saturday’s shelfie is more crime novels… I’d apologize, but I just love these books, so I’m not sorry.

There’s a teeeeeeny bit of DC fandom, too, to mix it up a bit.


I got the Three Wise Monkeys a few years ago, and I just realized they’re not in the right order. Oh, well.

Little badass Wonder Woman is protecting my books so the bad guys from the books don’t escape.

I made the rose myself, and I put it on this shelf more as a joke because of all the Karen Rose novels – get it? Karen Rose, and a rose? I know, I’m hilarious (or not).

I’m still missing a few Tess Gerritsen books, but those were the ones I got a hold of for not much money. I love Rizzoli & Isles, and even though I was a little surprised that the show is so different from the books, I enjoyed reading the books, because they’re very good books.

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