Top Ten Tuesday – Authors We’re Dying To Meet

Because we are in a rebellious mood and we couldn’t figure out ten authors, we are just going to share our five favorite ones!



1.J.K. Rowling

Because she is THE QUEEN! Do we really need to explain this choice?!

2. Cassandra Clare

Because she is one the few authors after J.K. Rowling we started to buy every book of and couldn’t wait for the next one!

3. Sarah J. Maas

We need to know everything about Rhysand! Also she seems like a very funny and likeable person on all her collabs with booktubers. And we want to discuss with her everything about strong female character (everything good and everything bad).

4. Marissa Meyer

Since her first series was just amazing, we would love to ask her how she came up with all the brilliant ideas and what is next in store for her and for us.

5. Susanne Collins

We want to tell her how much “The Hunger Games” influenced our lives and also I would ask her if she was inspired by Battle Royal.

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