Purgatory Con 3 – Introducing Pippin

We were in Purgatory –  and it was awesome! Just like last year and the year before that, we went to Purgatory Con in Düsseldorf, and, just like the previous years, it was f*cking amazing! I dare say, even better.

Let’s start with the guests, because, seriously, best line-up EVER! I mean, don’t get us wrong, we love the Boys, and we loved having Misha there the last two years, but things were a lot less tense this year without one of the Big Ones there.

We got the Kings of Con, which is amazing. We got Sebastian Roché, who is a crazy bastard that will make you die with laughter. We got Matt Cohen, who is awesome. And THREE women! Can you even imagine! Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster are so very inspirational and awesome, and so is Ruth Connell, only she’s also graceful and tiny.

And Gil McKinney was the Master of Ceremony, and he did a fantastic job! He also has an absolutely stunning and amazing voice, which made it even better to have him as MC.

The atmosphere was great, as always, and the fans had an amazing energy that made working at the con so much fun!

This year, Frodo and I were joined by Pippin, crazy person #3 in our pack, who we took our first creative pictures with:

In retrospect, we should have used a black pen for the signs, but oh well. It looks better on the originals than it does on these scans… They say “in”, “we”, and “trust”, with Chuck in the middle. Or God, as he was kind enough to write on the second picture.

So, guys, seriously! If you ever have the chance to come to Purgatory, do it, because it’s the best Supernatural convention anyone could wish for (Sorry, Asylum). Entertainment Events just know what they’re doing with these conventions, and we will make damn sure to go back next year.

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